Today in New York Weather History: March 26
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Today in New York Weather History: March 27



For the fourth day in a row the low temperature was 33°.


Today's high/low of 73°/39° followed one of 72°/39° three days earlier.  However, while the low on 3/24 was in the pre-dawn hours, the low today was at midnight after winds shifted to the northeast in the PM hours.


One week after a high/low of 28°/18° and a snowfall of nearly four inches, today's high/low was 75°/61°.  Today's low, 25 degrees above average, was a record-mild low for the date (a record that still stands).


A shower brought 0.03" of rain between 7-8 PM, the first measurable precipitation on this date since 1963.


1.63" of rain fell between 2 PM and midnight, but almost all of it, 1.49", poured down between 7-11 PM.  


Today's high soared to 74°, twenty degrees above average - and the mildest temperature since ... only last month?  Yes, it was 75° on Feb. 25!  The next two days would be even warmer, with highs of 78° and 82°.  




Five days after a snowfall of five inches, an extraordinary five-day warm spell began.  Each day would have high temperatures of 80° or higher (25 degrees warmer than average, and more typical of late June).  Today's high of 83° was a record.


Central park great lawn



The morning low of 29° was the month's coldest reading.  This was the mildest minimum temperature for the month of March since 1973, when the month's lowest temperature was 30°.  Today's low came three weeks after the only other day this month with a low of 32° or colder.


A morning low below freezing on March 27 normally wouldn't warrant a comment, but today's low of 30° was the first subfreezing temperature since March 10.  The average low temperature during the days in between was 48°, thirteen degrees milder than normal, and more typical for the end of April.  Today's mean temperature was five degrees chillier than average, the most below average day since Feb. 12.


With a high/low of 44°/22°, today's mean temperature was 13 degrees below average.  This was the 27th day since Jan. 1 with a mean temperature 10 degrees or more below average - the most so early in the year since 1936.  The average number of such days during the first three months of a year is 10.5.  (In 2016 there would be 26 such days that were 10 degrees or more above average by this date.)








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1946, 1990, 2012 and 2020 are the only four years to have at least six days with a high of 68° or warmer through this date. 1946 had seven such days through this date, 1990 had six, 2012 had eight and 2020 had six. Two of these winters were on the snowy side (1946 had 31.4" and 1990 had 13.4"), while the other two winters were anything but snowy (7.4" in 2012 and 4.8" in 2020).


And 2022 has topped that with 7 such days, both February days and two of the March days were exactly 68. We just missed having 8 of them as it got to 67 on March 16.

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