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1.4" of snow fell in the afternoon, the biggest snowfall of the winter (coming two weeks after 1.3" fell).  This was the last snowfall of the winter, which had just 3.8" of snow in total - the least snow until the winter of 1973, when just 2.8" fell (and also passed by the winter of 2002).  Temperatures during the afternoon were only in the mid-20s, half of what the usual afternoon temperature is at the end of March.  


After the temperature jumped from 49° to 82° between 5 AM and 2 PM, New York experienced its greatest one-hour drop in temperature when it plummeted 29 degrees between 4:00 and 5:00, from 81° to 52°.  The strong cold front that ushered in this cold air was accompanied by winds that gusted between 35 and 45 mph.  By midnight the temperature was down to 34° (and would fall to 26° by 6:00 AM).  This 48-degree plunge is the greatest daily temperature drop on record.





This was the first day during a very cold month (colder than January or February) to have an above average mean temperature.  And at 71°, this was the first day this year to reach the 70s.


A developing nor'easter brought a mix of snow and rain during the afternoon that continued through tomorrow.  1.5" of snow fell today, but forecasts had predicted substantially more.  The temperature in the City was a bit too mild to support a snowstorm (high/low was 43°/34°).





The afternoon temperature topped out at 78°, twenty-four degrees warmer than average and more typical for the second week of June (and four degrees warmer than yesterday).  However, this was not a record as there was an even more extraordinary warm spell in 1945. 


After a seasonable high of 53° yesterday, today's high soared to 77°.


After visiting my mother for Easter, today's flight back to New York from Pittsburgh took eight hours because of strong thunderstorms in the New York area.  2.98" rain fell, a record for the date.  This was the biggest rain producer in six months, since tropical storm Jeanne dumped 4.66" at the end of September. 





Today's high/low of 67°/44° was the sixteenth day this month with a daily mean temperature ten degrees or more above average - the most of any month since 1970 (until December 2015, which would have eighteen such days).  So far this year, more one-third of the days were ten degrees or more above average. 


Although the day's mean temperature was just two degrees below average, it marked the fifteenth day in a row with below average temperatures.  During this time, temperatures were nearly six degrees below average.  There hadn't been a longer below-average streak since April 2007, when there was one of sixteen days.


Although it was just 0.38", the rain that fell during the morning hours after sunrise (as a cold front approached) made this the rainiest day of the month.  (Between Feb. 25 and yesterday, a span of 32 days, less than an inch of rain fell.)  Then, late in the afternoon, very high winds began buffeting the area with gusts between 40-60 mph that continued overnight.


Today, with a high/low of 52°/38° (one degree below average), was the 22nd day in a row with a below average mean temperature, the fifth longest streak of this kind in the years since 1953 (the year the NWS began reporting departure from average on a daily basis).  Temperatures during this streak, however, were just 4.5 degrees below average, which is the least below average of any streak of 15 days or longer.


Chart - most days in a row below average



Temperatures were seasonable for the Yankees' earliest home opener, but sitting outdoors in readings no higher than the low-50s is was what you might expect at a football game.  Skies were sunny, but then turned lightly overcast after the game against Baltimore ended (which the Yankees won by a score of 7-2).  


An Arctic front moved through last night, and today's high/low of  33°/23° would have been cold even in the depths of winter.  Although the day's low was far from the record for the date (13°), the high broke the record from 1893 for coldest daily maximum.  This was the coldest high temperature this late in March/early April in 40 years, since April 7, 1982, when the high/low was 30°/21°.  Today had the coldest mean temperature of the month as well as the past six weeks (0.5 degree colder than 3/13, which had a high/low of 35°/22°, and 2/20, which had a  high/low of 36°/21°).

Making the cold even more biting was the wind, which gusted between 20-30 mph.  Finally, the air was quite dry, with afternoon humidity approaching 20%; dew points were in the -5° to +5° range throughout the day.


Biting cold   





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Ken K. in NJ

Hi Rob. Barring a sudden warmup today, I believe we will have now had 22 consecutive days of below normal temperatures. Are we approaching any sort of record for that? Thanks.


Hi Ken,
Yes, today could be the 22nd day in a row. And, it's one of the longest on record (going back to 1953, which is as far back as my NWS reports show daily departures from average). Whether it remains at 21 or extends to 22, it ranks as fifth longest. I'll write more about this in my monthly summary.

Ken K. in NJ

Thanks Rob. Looks like we might be able to squeeze one more day out of the streak today. Looking forward to the month-end summary.


Jan/Feb 2015 had a stretch of 27 days below average. He closest was when there was a average temp of 33.5 on Feb 4th. While it shows up as 0 different,really it is below the temp by .5. This was in a stretch from 1/26 -2/21


The source I used for the chart is Local Climatological Data from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, which reported that Feb. 4 was one degree above average. https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/pub/orders/IPS/IPS-E806961C-2EF9-400B-ADB3-6E0C74F90D9F.pdf

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