A Glance Back at New York's Weather: March 6
Today in New York Weather History: March 8

Looking Back at New York Weather: March 7


1913 (Friday)

Today's high/low of 20°/12° made this the coldest day of the winter, passing 2/13, which had a high/low of 25°/11°.

1914 (Saturday)

In a little less than four weeks 35.2" of snow fell.  Twelve days had measurable snow, including a snowstorm of 9.7" on Feb. 13-14 and 14.5" on March 1-2.  The 0.4" that fell this morning was part of a snow system that dropped 2.9" yesterday.  This very snowy pattern followed a five-week period in which just 0.1" of snow fell (Jan. 6-Feb. 9).

1989 (Tuesday)

Today was one of the coldest days of the winter, nineteen degrees colder than average, with a high/low of only 25°/13°.  This was also the coldest high temperature in March since 1967  (20° on 3/18).




1990 (Wednesday)

For the second year in a row the morning low was a frigid 13° on this date.  However, today's high of 35° was significantly higher than last year's (but still 12 degrees below average).

2008 (Friday)

0.79" of rain fell in a three-hour period (between 6-9 PM) and 1.21" overall.

2009 (Saturday)

Just four days after a low of 12° (twenty degrees below average) today's high reached 70° (twenty-four degrees above average).




2018 (Wednesday)

While many towns in New Jersey and the Hudson Valley were buried by one to two feet of snow, a nor'easter that produced heavy, wet snow left far less in New York than had been predicted.  This was the second March in a row to have an under-performing snowstorm.  Despite snow falling steadily from late morning (accompanied by thunder) until 8 PM, just 3.2" was measured in Central Park (however, it was the first snowfall of an inch or more on this date since 1969).  This was largely due to temperatures that stayed above freezing for the entire event.  (Curiously, the snowfall forecast was adjusted upward later in the morning to 8"-12".)  Despite the modest snowfall, the amount of liquid that fell amounted to 1.41".  


March 7 snowstorm


2019 (Thursday)

Today, with a high/low of 32°/18°, was the third day in a row with a high of 32° or colder.  The average high/low during these days was 30°/19°, fifteen degrees colder than average.  This was the first streak of this length in March since 1984, and just the tenth streak of three or more days in March since 1900.  (It was also the longest such streak this winter.)  Although no measurable snow fell during the three days, they followed four consecutive days with an inch or more of snow, totaling 10.4" (more than what fell in the four preceding months).


Chart - 3-days of 32 high in March


2022 (Monday)

The temperature rose into the 70s, topping out at 74°, tying the record for the date.  This followed another record tying high yesterday (68°), and was the first reading in the 70s this year, about two weeks ahead of schedule (by contrast, the first day in the 60s, on 2/17, was two weeks behind schedule).  The temperature was still at 71° at 10 PM, when a cold front blew through with winds that gusted to 49 mph in Central Park.  Today's reading was the fourth high of 68+ in the past three weeks, joining 2/17, 2/23, and 3/6 (which all had highs of 68°).   






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In contrast to March 2019, March 2018, which also had below normal temperatures, experienced no highs colder than 39° in the month's entirety, and its final high of 32° or colder for the season happened about one month earlier than this (on 2/3).


1969 and 2015 are the only two years on record with no reading of 49° or warmer from January sixth to March seventh.

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