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A Glance Back at New York City Weather: April 21


First 80


Since 1980, the average date of the first reading of 80° or warmer is April 21 (a month later than the average date of the first reading of 70°+).  This is about a week earlier than 1900-1979, and two weeks earlier than the 1869-1899 period.  It's happened as early as March 13 (in 1990) and as late as June 7 (in 1924). 



Lows of the past six days exhibited the following pattern: 40°-42°-41° and 40°-42°-41°.


The day after winter's last below-freezing low (28°), the high jumped to a balmy 75° (and tomorrow's high would rise to 82°).


This was the first Easter Sunday since 1871 to have a high in the 80s, and at 85° it was the warmest on record (until 1962).  By contrast, yesterday's high was in the mid-60s, as would be tomorrow's.


This was the 19th day in a row with no measurable precipitation, the longest stretch of dry weather since one of 26 days in October 1973. 


A late cold snap saw the morning low tumble to 33°, a year after a low of 32° was reported on 4/17.  (By contrast, the warmest temperature this month, 81°, came at the beginning of April.)  This morning's frosty low was the coldest reading since March 21.




For the third day in a row temperatures were well above average, and very similar: 77°/57° today, 75°/57° yesterday, and 76°/57° two days ago. 


A steady, cold rain, sometimes on the heavy side, fell throughout the day, amounting to 2.28" - a record for the date.  The high was only 46°, seventeen degrees below average.


My flight to Pittsburgh, for an Easter visit to see my mother, was delayed six hours due to inclement weather in the Mid-Atlantic states.  1.62" of rain fell, with more than half of it coming down between noon-3 PM.  It was also chilly, as the high got up to just 49°, fourteen degrees below average. 




Today's high of 79°, sixteen degrees above average, came after a seasonable low of 45°.


Under sunny skies, today's high reached 71°, the last day this month to be in the 70s.  April had seven 70-degree days in total, one fewer than the exceptionally mild March.





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John Taylor

You seem to have neglected the extremely stormy Friday, April 21 of 1995, where my house flooded and I had to sleep over with a friend. I was 5 years old and very scared.


Hi John, that must have been some storm for you to remember it at such a young age! However, it must have been a localized event since only 0.12" fell in Central Park on that day and it fell over the course of three hours (0.06" was reported at Newark Airport). An observation about this day was that the day before and the day after had temperatures in the 70s, but on 4/21 winds shifted and were out of the southeast, keeping temperatures in the 50s all day.


2012 joins 1988 (2 vs 1), 1946 (6 vs 3) and 1905 (3 vs 2) as the only four years to have a March with more 70° days than April.


2018 - with a low of 39°, this was the sixteenth day this month with a reading below 40°, the most in April since 1956 and the last April with more was in 1943 when there were 21 such days.


William, there's a good chance 2020 will join 2012, 1946, 1905 in that aspect as March had three 70 degree days and so far we have none and the long range forecast doesn't seem to have any 70 degree days in it thru May 1.

I don't know how many Aprils in Central Park have lacked a 70 degree day, I have a friend who claims it is extremely rare and last happened in 1940 (but several times in the 1800s.....1873, 1874, AND 1875 and then 1883) but I'm not sure so I don't know if you have info on that.


Did NYC get a thunderstorm today? This seems to be quite a jaw-dropping coincidence, but I was in CT today and I witnessed a tremendous torrent of thunder, rain, and wind. I have now witnessed two severe thunderstorms that hit the Tri-State area in back-to-back years on the exact same day!

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