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John Taylor

You neglected the monsoon-like back-to-back year storms of April 2, 2004 and April 2, 2005. In the latter, I was driving in a car back from NJ to NY through a flooded road after seeing the Nets lose a crucial game against the Magic. It was very scary, and thank goodness we were able to back out in time. The whole weekend of April 1-3 was full of ugly weather, then from April 4-9 there was beautiful springlike warmth each day. (I think we got up to 77 on April 7, if I'm not mistaken)


Thanks, John, for pointing out the nor'easter of 2005, which dumped 1.80" (mostly between 7AM and 8PM) along with high winds that gusted to 50 mph. However, there was no storm the year before, at least not in NYC, as just a trace of rain was reported.


2018's snow was: 1) the first in April since 2006, 2) the eighth most to ever fall in April, 3) the seventh snowiest April day on record, and 4) the snowiest April 2 on record. the previous record for 4/2 was 2" set way back in 1871.


perhaps of greater interest is the winter of 2018 was the fifth season in a row with 30"+ of snow. this joined the winters of 1881-1885 as the only two instances in which at least five consecutive winter seasons each had thirty or more inches of snow.

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