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Today in New York Weather History: April 20

A Look Back at New York City Weather: April 19


April 19 is the date that's experienced the most instances of a diurnal variation in temperature of 30 degrees or more - in eight years.  The most recent occurrence was in 2004, when the swing in temperature was 37 degrees (high/low of 85°/48°).   Two of the eight years were back-to-back, in 1993 and 1994.



The day after the high reached 86° a "back-door" cold front moved through and by mid-afternoon the temperature had dropped into the mid-50s.


Back door cold front


The 1.96" of rain that fell between 8:30 AM and 9 PM accounted for much of the month's precipitation.  It was also a record amount for the date.  Today's high got up to only 50°, twelve degrees below average.  


Although the temperature was 11 degrees cooler than yesterday, it was still a beautiful Easter Sunday as the high reached 68° (six degrees above average) under partly cloudy skies.


0.8 inches of snow fell in Central Park, the City's latest measurable snowfall in 100 years (0.5" fell on April 24, 1883).  However, despite the snow, a cold rain was the main feature of the day.  The high/low of 43°/34° made this the chilliest day of the month (15 degrees colder than average).




Today's high of 88° was a rebound of 43 degrees from yesterday morning's low of 45°.


This was the fourth day in a row with nearly identical, and chilly, high/low temperatures:  47°/40°, 46°/41°, 47°/40° and 47°/41° (today).  These chilly highs were sixteen degrees colder than average.


It appears Mother Nature cut & paste a summer heat wave in the middle of the spring as the high/low of the past four days averaged 92°/71°, 27 degrees above normal.  After highs in the 90s the previous three days, today "cooled down" to 89°.  The next 90-degree day wouldn't be for another two months (June 26).




The afternoon temperature soared to 85°, after a morning low of 48°.


Today was the 16th, and last, day in a row with colder than average temperatures, the longest such string of days during springtime in the years I've lived in New York (since 1979).  During this streak the mean temperature was eight degrees chillier than average.  Nine days had lows in the 30s.  (In March 2018 there would be a 22-day streak with below average temperatures.)


0.05" of rain fell this evening, one year after 0.04" fell on this date and two years after 0.03" was measured.


Under overcast skies, today's high was 54°, which was eighteen degrees colder than the average high of the previous ten days (including a high of 87° three days ago, which was Easter Sunday).  Today's high was only one degree milder than the average low of the previous ten days.


Overcast skies midtown manhattan


Great Weather on Good Friday, as the high reached 80° - the first day in the 80s this year (it came close on 4/8, when the high reached 79°).  And although this was a few days earlier than the average date of the "first 80° (4/22), only one other year in the 2010s had it occur at a later date (in 2014, on 5/10).









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Ken K. in NJ

Re: 2004's High of 85 and low of 48. Do you have any data on what was the biggest range between a high and low on one date? Seems to me that late March and all of April are ideal for that in NYC, but I guess it's possible that a Winter cold front could drop the temperature 40 degrees or more in one day.




Ken, in the years since 1970 the biggest drop in temperature occurred on Jan. 9, 1978 when it fell from 58 at 5AM to 15 by midnight. And the biggest rise in temperature,40 degrees, occurred twice, both times in April: on April 12, 1977 the temp rose from 50 to 90 and on April 27, 1990 it rose from 51 to 91.

John Taylor

Also noteworthy is April 18th of 2008, a gorgeously beautiful Friday which was a welcome relief after a relatively chilly March and early April. Skies were bright and blue, the pope was in town visiting, I was home from college for Passover, and to my recollection, the temperature reached 87 degrees on the eve of the NBA playoffs opener.


2018 - with a high of 49°, this was the ninth day this month with a high below 50°. the last April with more such chilly days was in 1936 when there were thirteen. the Aprils of 2007, 2003 and 1944 all had nine sub 50° days as well.


when was the last Good Friday to have a high in the eighties before 2019? also, tomorrow would be 2019's ninth consecutive day with a trace or a measurable amount of rain. when was the last time there was a streak this long of this kind?


This was just the fifth Good Friday with a high of 80 degrees or warmer, and the first one since 1976. The four other Good Fridays were all warmer than this year's (warmest reading was 84 in 1886 and 1938). Regarding the streak of rain, I only keep track of days with measurable rain. The last one of nine days or more was in the summer of 2003 when measurable rain fell on 12 consecutive days (the longest rainy streak on record).

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