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A Glance Back at New York Weather: April 2

Looking Back at New York City Weather: April 1



In the span of eight hours the temperature plummeted from 83° to 44° as a "back-door" cold front moved through and winds shifted from the southwest to the northeast.  This would be the warmest reading of the month.  The next reading in the 80s wouldn't occur until May 20.  Today's high came the day after the high was 62°, the year's first reading of 60°+.





Easter Sunday dawned bitterly cold, with a reading of 12° at 6 AM, making this, easily, the coldest reading of any Easter (and the coldest reading on record for the month of April).  Winds gusting to 25 mph produced wind chills around -5°.  The afternoon high "recovered" to 36°.  (Three days later the high would reach 70°.)


It was no April Fool's joke as 8.5" of heavy, wet snow fell, from mid-afternoon through midnight.  Interestingly, snow fell mostly with temperatures two or three degrees above freezing (the temperature was above freezing through 9 PM).  Besides the snow, gale force winds gusted to 35 mph.


Today had the first reading in the 60s the year, the fifth latest date for this occurrence in the years since 1900 (now ranked seventh).  This followed a very late date for the first reading in the 50s, on March 3. 


More than half of April's 2.80" of rain fell today between midnight and 10 AM, when 1.51" was measured in Central Park.  (May 1976 would start the same way.)


A high of 82° (26 degrees above average, and one degree shy of the 1917 record) would make this the warmest day of the entire month - and, very similar to 1917, the next 80-degree day wouldn't be for another seven weeks (May 19).


0.52" of rain fell in a 60-minute period between 5:53 and 6:53 AM, and 0.87" poured down in the two hours ending at 7:48 AM.


1.78" of rain fell today, with 1.16" of it coming down in a two-hour period between 6-8 PM.


The Yankees' home opener was rained out yesterday, but today was dry.  Under mostly cloudy skies, the  temperature at game-time was a mild 67° (eleven degrees above average) as the Yankees won their eleventh home opener in a row. 





0.51" of rain fell today, making this the fourteenth year in the past seventeen to have rain on this date. 


Today felt like a day in early summer as the air was a bit sticky and the high/low was a warm 79°/61°, which was more typical of the second week in June.  After a mostly cloudy morning, the sun broke through in the afternoon, making for balmy conditions.  Despite today's unseasonably warm temperatures, March 10 had an even milder mean temperature, with a high/low of 79°/63° (31 degrees above average). 


Temperatures were in the chilly 44°-50° range during the Yankees' home opener, made even chillier by blustery conditions, as winds gusted between 25-30 mph.  The only positive aspect of the day (the Yankees lost to Toronto in 10 innings) was that the sun began to break through the overcast skies during the second half of the game. 






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Benny R.

The year 1923 and 2015 are the only two calendar years to have the chilliest reading in April to be colder than the chilliest reading in December. Coincidentally, they occur on this date.

Ken K. in NJ

It probably wasn't post-worthy, but I remember 4/1/1980, the first day of the NYC Transit strike. A few of us from Bay Ridge decided to car-pool into Manhattan at 4 AM. The last thing we expected was the inch or two of snow
that was coming down. Made for slippery roads, especially in Brooklyn.


Interesting, since neither Central Park or LaGuardia had any measurable snow. However, Newark had 1.4" and JFK 0.7", but it fell during the evening of 3/31. By the way, the area was lashed by a nor'easter on 3/31, and temperatures were in the 30s during the afternoon/evening. By the way, I mention the transit strike in my post about weather highlights of 4/11, because on that day I had to walk to Port Authority after work from 50th St. and 3rd Ave. in torrential rain.


The 1923 reading of 12-deg is the ONLY April reading in the teens in Central Park history (next coldest April low temp is 21 degrees, achieved on April 5, 1881 and on both April 5 and 6, 1982 (during a very historic and almost unprecedented April blizzard)).

Also the 2nd coldest April 1 temperature is 25, set in 1874 and 1883. I wonder if that 13 degree difference is the greatest difference between a date's coldest and 2nd coldest ever low temperature?

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