New York City Weather Analysis: 90-Degree Weather in April
A Look Back at New York City Weather: April 16

Today in New York Weather History: April 15



This was the fourth day in a row with a sub-freezng low (average low for mid-April is in the low 40s).



Today's low of 28° was the fifth low in the 20s this month, the most in April since 1881.  These cold lows contributed mightily to making this the fourth coldest April on record (where it still ranks).


Today's summery high/low of 83°/66° (25 degrees warmer than average) made the harsh, wintry conditions of March (second coldest of the 20th century, with 18.5" of snow) seem like a bad dream.


The Mets' home opener was played through sprinkles and temperatures only in the chilly mid-40s.


It was a stunning day for the Yankees' home opener as skies were sunny and afternoon temperatures warmed to 76°, sixteen degrees above average. 


After a rainy and cold Saturday (high/low of 45°/40°, with 1.10" of rain), Easter Sunday was gray and cool, with a high/low of 55°/42°, and some light rain/drizzle between 4-6 AM.  Today would be chillier than Christmas Day 1979 (high/low of 61°/50°).


1.47" of rain fell one year after 1.41" fell on the same date.


It was a miserable day for the Yankees' home opener, which was played in a steady light rain, with temperatures hovering around 50°, well below average.  This was quite a contrast to last week's Mets home opener, played in 90-degree heat.  This was the eighth year out of the past nine to have rain on this date. 


An intense Sunday nor'easter dumped 7.57" of rain, the second greatest 24-hour rainfall on record for New York.  Three inches fell between noon-4:00 (including 1.19" in one one-hour period); another period of torrential rain dumped an additional 1.70" between 9-11 PM.  In between these two periods of torrential rain, there was a period of calm, even a bit of clearing, somewhat resembling the eye of a hurricane.  An additional 0.84" would fall overnight thru noon on Monday.


Overflowing rain spout


Temperatures in the first half of April were twelve degrees above average, but then the second half of the month would see temperatures closer to normal.  (Average high during the first half of the month was 72°, while the second half's average would be 63°.)


Split personality  


A strong cold front moved through early in the evening, slicing the temperature nearly in half, from 63° at 4:00 PM to 33° by 11:30.  Steady rain changed to snow/sleet after 10:00 PM, which had a tough time accumulating since the ground had been warmed from four days in the 70s between 4/11-14.


Today saw the year's first reading in the 70s, three weeks later than average, and tying 2003 for the latest "first 70" since 1993 (when it happened on 4/19).  Skies were partly cloudy.

70deg 2018

Two days after the high reached 82°, and one day after it was 77°, today was windy, raw and overcast, with temperatures only in the low 40s (the result of a "backdoor" cold front that moved through yesterday afternoon).  And conditions became even more miserable in the evening when rain moved in (0.47" fell thru midnight) and the temperature dropped into the upper-30s.








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