A Glance Back at New York City Weather: April 21
Today in New York Weather History: April 23

Today in New York Weather History: April 22



This was the sixth day in a row with a low in the 20s.  This helped this April become the second coldest on record (behind April of last year).


For the second day in a row the low was 32° (average is mid-40s); today's low was a record which still stands.


Beginning today, two days after the mercury reached 90°, the rest of the month had chilly highs that ranged between 52° and 61°.


This was the third day in a row with identical, beautiful conditions - clear skies with a high of 78° every day (compared to an average high in the lower-60s).


Conditions were hardly ideal for the opening day of the 1964 World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, as it was chilly, with a high/low of 47°/41° (11 degrees below average).  And there were morning and evening showers that amounted to 0.15".


The nation's first observance of Earth Day had pleasant temperatures as the high topped out at 67°, four degrees above average.  It was breezy, and skies were a mix of sun and clouds.




With a high of 86°, today tied 1962 as New York's warmest Easter Sunday - which, coincidentally, also fell on 4/22.  (Easter 1976 would top these two by ten degrees, and Easter 2017's high reached 87°.)


This was the third day in a row of nearly identical, chilly highs and lows: 49°/44°, 50°/44° and 49°/44° (today).


Today was the first of 26 days in a row with no measurable rain in Central Park, the second longest stretch of rain-free days in the 1980-2020 period.  (The longest dry streak in this period was 35 days in 1999.)




My summer share at Fire Island began this weekend but I didn't go out because a lot of rain fell over the course of two days - 1.23" today (Saturday) and 2.34" tomorrow.  This was the most rain from one storm in six months.  It was also very chilly, as the high was only 47°, sixteen degrees below average.  This was the second year in a row in which opening weekend was a washout.


A steady light rain during the daytime hours turned heavy after dark and was whipped around by gale force winds as a powerful nor'easter made itself known.  The brunt of the storm was felt from 8:00-midnigh, then conditions greatly improved by 2:00 AM.  The 2.89" of rain that was measured in Central Park was greater than the paltry rainfall of the previous nine weeks.  Of the storm's total, 2.45" fell today - a record for the date.




After experiencing afternoon humidity around 15% the previous five days, today felt oppressive by comparison as the humidity jumped to 50% as a frontal system that produced showers after midnight approached.  It was also very mild, with a high/low of 79°/62°, sixteen degrees warmer than average.


On a mostly clear day, with afternoon temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s, the humidity dropped to 13% for a few hours in mid-afternoon.  This was the lowest humidity level in New York since March of last year, when it fell to 12% on 3/5.  Typical afternoon humidity in April (on a day without rain) is around 45%.  












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Ken K. in NJ

If that Earth Day picture is from Union Square (hard to tell) I'm in there somewhere.

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