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happy birthday Rob!! too bad the weather on your birthday hasn't been particularly eventful nor inspiring, including this year, but I guess this might as well sort of be a good thing though.


Ironic, isn't it, that the weather historian has a birthday with a history of mostly uneventful conditions? And never a 90-degree reading. But at least for a while my actual date of birth had record rainfall. Thanks for the birthday wishes


here's another ironic fact. Frank Sinatra died on your forty-first birthday, and at the time of his death, he was exactly double your age. are or were you a fan of any of his songs at all?


And not only did Sinatra die on that date in 1998, it was also the night that "Seinfeld's" last episode aired. (And in 1967, on my tenth birthday, Mickey Mantle hit his 500th home run.) Without thinking about it too much I'd say my favorite Sinatra songs are "Summer Wind" and "Strangers in the Night". Yours?

Mike R.

Unfortunately for the NY Knicks, your 40th birthday, a Wednesday, was marred by a fight between Charlie Ward and PJ Brown, who then played for the Miami Heat. Multiple Knicks, including Patrick Ewing and Allan Houston, left the bench and were suspended for 1-2 games. The Knicks, with their roster decimated, lost the next two games and the series. Although the weather was beautiful that day, your 40th birthday was certainly a sad day for Knicks fans in NYC.

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