Today in New York Weather History: May 18
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Today in New York Weather History: May 19



The high temperature soared to 99°, making this the hottest reading ever recorded in the month of May.  (The temperature jumped 41 degrees in ten hours after the day's low at 6 AM.)  May's previous hottest temperature was 96°, which occurred in three years - 1880, 1939 and 1941.  Some relief occurred between 8:00 and 9 PM when a thundershower moved through, dropping the temperature from 87° to 70°.




Seven of the eight days since 5/12 had morning lows of 58° or 59°, five degrees above average.  The one "outlier" had a low of 60°. 




It was a raw and chilly day, more like March 19, with a high/low of only 52°/38°.  This was eighteen degrees below average.  Morning showers made the day feel even colder.


A raw and damp day, with a high of only 54°, eighteen degrees below average.  The last time there was a high temperature this chilly was five weeks earlier on April 12 (when the high of 54° was just five degrees below average).


Today was the only day of the month that warmed into the 80s (the high was 83°), the fewest number of 80-degree days since May 1983, which had none.  (2003 and 2005 would also have no 80-degree days.)  This lack of 80-degree temperatures contributed to making this the chilliest May in thirty years.




Today was the second consecutive day with a high/low of 70°/53°, replicating a pair of 70°/53° highs/lows on May 18-19, 1932.


Today's high of 91° was the third in a row in the 90s - the first time for a three-day heat wave in May since 2001 (and the 34th year, since 1869, to begin its 90-degree readings with a heat wave).  Cooler air moved in after 8 PM and by midnight the temperature had fallen to 66°.  (It would then be three weeks before a temperature of 80° or warmer was reached.)







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2014 - Today's low of 49° was the month's coldest reading. this tied 2012 and 1982 as the warmest reading on record to have this distinction in May. In 2012, the reading of 49° occurred on May 11, and in 1982, the reading of 49° occurred one day later. Today had the warmest high temperature of the three days: 72° this year, 68° in 2012 and 64° in 1982.


Since that record 99 degree day in 1962, it appears a high hotter than the previous May record of 96 degrees has been reached twice, in both cases 97 degrees, on May 29, 1969 and May 30, 1987.

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