Today in New York Weather History: June 18
1976 Weather Highlights for New York

1975 Weather Highlights for New York



21 - This morning's low of 15° was the coldest reading of the winter.  Only one winter since 1960 has had a milder temperature for its coldest reading (20°, winter of 2002). However, based on the mean temperature (average of high and low), two days in February were colder. 



4 - Although it wasn't the coldest day of the winter (see below),  today had the coldest high temperature, 27°.

5 - 2.7" of snow fell during the morning.  The temperature held steady at 33° from 10AM until 7AM the next day. 

10 - Although Jan. 21 had the coldest reading of the winter (15°), today was the coldest day based on the mean temperature, with a high/low of 28/16.

12 - A quick-moving winter storm delivered the biggest snowfall of the winter, with 7.8" falling mostly between 9AM-2PM.



14 - The winter's last measurable snow fell this afternoon.  0.3" was measured, with much of the precipitation falling as sleet.



8 - Today, with a chilly high/low of 47/31, was the fifth day in a row with a mean temperature 10 degrees or more colder than average.  As a whole, these five days were 13 degrees below average.  Today was also the home opener for the Mets.

11 - A nice day for the Yankees' home opener.  Although it was chillier than average, with afternoon temperatures in the mid-50s, it was milder than the Mets' home opener.

15 - At 42°, today's low was the first since 4/1 to be at 40° or warmer. 

16 - Today was just one degree below average, but it was the fifteenth day in a row with a below average mean temperature.  During this period temperatures were nearly eight degrees below average. 



11 - Today was Mother's Day and its high/low of 72/53 (slightly above average) was identical to last year's.  One big difference is that no rain fell this year while 0.53" fell during the evening of last Mother's Day.

19 - Seven of the eight days since 5/12 had morning lows of 58 or 59 degrees, five degrees above average.  The one "outlier" had a low of 60°.    

24 - Today's high of 93° (on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend) was the first 90-degree day of the year.  However, the heat was short lived as a cold front moved through during the evening, dropping the temperature into the upper 50s by the following afternoon.



12 - A steady, all-day rain amounted to 1.98".  Because of the clouds and rain, the high temperature got no higher than 63°, fifteen degrees below average.

24 - After a sweltering high of 93°, a cold front produced a thunderstorm at around 4PM that had tragic consequences.  Although it produced just 0.18" of rain, the storm created a tremendous wind shear that caused Eastern Airlines Flight 66 to crash as it attempted to land at Kennedy Airport, killing all but twelve of its 124 passengers (pictured at top of page).



12 - A heavy shower moved through between 8-9PM, dumping 0.25" of rain - the first measurable to fall on this date in 16 years.

25 - An intense rainstorm dumped two inches of rain between 11PM last night and 1AM today.  These were the fifth and sixth days in the past three weeks to receive more than an inch of rain.  Additionally, fourteen of the past twenty-three days had rain, which amounted to 11.77", enough to make this the second rainiest July on record.  Since no more rain fell for the rest of the month it would remain the second rainiest, falling just 0.12" short of the 1889 record.

30 - With a high of 87/66, today was the 14th day this month with a mean temperature at seasonable levels - the most of any month in the 1970-2018 period.



2 - Today was the hottest day of the year as the afternoon high reached a blistering 98° after a sultry morning low of 77°.

3 - Today was the fourth day in a row with temperatures in the 90s.  Highs on these days were: 93, 93, 98 and 96 (today).

5 - Today's high of 91° was the last 90-degree day of the year, four weeks earlier than average.  In total the year had only eight days in the 90s, well below the average of 19 (in the years since 1940).

7 - Five days after the hottest temperature of the year, today's high was a chilly 64° under overcast skies.  This was 20 degrees below average - and more typical of a day in late April.

24 - A nighttime thunderstorm between 9-10 PM dumped 0.69" of rain, making it the rainiest day of the month.

26 - Today had the year's last low in the 70s, the earliest date for this occurrence in the years since 1970 (later tied in 2009).  Typical date for the last 70-degree low is Sept. 11.



1 - With winds out of the northeast, it was a cool Labor Day, with a high/low of just 69/55, ten degrees below average.  The one saving grace was that skies were sunny.

14 - The AM low of 46° was the chilliest reading of the month, 16 degrees below average, and tied the record for the date.

25 - Between Aug. 28 and today only two days had an above average mean temperature.  This 4-week period was 4.7 degrees cooler than normal.  Today was seven degrees below average, with a high/low of 62°/55°.

26 - For the fourth day in a row, more than an inch of rain fell.  At the onset of this deluge rain fell for 47 consecutive hours.  Total rain during these four days amounted to 7.43".  (1.82" fell today; 1.05" yesterday; 2.26" on 9/24 and 2.30" on 9/23).

27 - Although it was just 0.02", the rain that fell shortly before daybreak made this the ninth day in a row in which some rain fell.  (The first day of this streak also received 0.02").  In total, 8.95" of rain fell, most of it coming during four days in a row (Sept. 23-26) that each had more than an inch of rain.

28 - The 6th NYC Marathon was held today and runners breathed a sigh of relief as the City dried out from the week's heavy rainfall.  By contrast, today's skies were sunny with near seasonable temperatures (high/low of 69°/57°).



13 - The 0.11" of rain that fell during a late night thunder shower was the first measurable rain to fall on this date in sixteen years. 

14 - Today's high, under sunny skies, was a balmy 83°, just one degree shy of the record for the date.  This reading was warmer than any in September.  The last time it was warmer than today was back on Aug. 27, seven weeks ago.

15 - Today was the second day in a row of sunny and unseasonably warm conditions.  Although today's high of 82° was one degree lower than yesterday, the morning low of 66° was eight degrees warmer.

31 - Sunny and cold, with a high of 50/31, eleven degrees below average.  The morning low was the first temperature of 32° or colder this fall, a few weeks earlier than usual.  When trick-or-treaters were out and about the temperature was a nippy 43°.



9 - Six of the past seven days had highs in the 70s, including three record highs today (75 degrees), yesterday (76° ) and on 11/4 (78°).  The average high during this week was 73°, sixteen degrees above average, and more typical of mid-to-late September.  

27 - 0.45" of rain fell between 5AM-1PM, making for a damp Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.



22 - Light snow fell throughout the morning and continued until mid-afternoon, accumulating 1.8".  This was the first measurable snow of the winter.  And befitting the first day of winter, it was also quite cold, with a high/low of 32/24.

24 - A high/low of 23/16 made this the coldest day of the entire year, and was 13 degrees colder than average.

25 - Most of the 1.8" of snow that fell on 12/23 was gone, but a mix of sleet/snow/freezing rain this afternoon and evening accumulated 0.5", giving NYC a touch of a White Christmas.  The day's high of 33° occurred as midnight approached.

26 - Two days after the coldest readings of the entire year, today's temperature was 30 degrees milder.  And yesterday's icy mix changed to a hard rain that amounted to 1.66" by early afternoon.

31 - Showers moved in after dark and between 11PM and midnight 0.05" of cold rain fell.  When the countdown to 1976 took place, the temperature was in the mid-30s.


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this is the only year on record to have a reading of 32° or colder in October but not in November.


I remember the New Years eve rain think it changed to snow right after midnight 1976 plus that Memorial day weekend was most intreresting till 1992 93 Saturday 57 to 60 Sunday with rain 73 Monday

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