Looking Back at New York Weather: June 16
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Today in New York Weather History: Father's Day (1970 - 2023)



1970 (June 21)

A cool day (high/low of 65°/58°) with 0.45" of rain between 1-4 PM.

1971 (June 20)

Under a mix of sun and clouds the high temperature reached 84°, four degrees above average.

1972 (June 18)

It was a very soggy day with steady rain falling from noon onward, amounting to 1.37".  Temperatures stayed in the 60s all day. 

1974 (June 16)

A late morning thunderstorm between 11 AM and noon dumped 0.42" of rain.  The rest of the day was overcast and the afternoon high rose only into the low 70s.


Fathers day


1977 (June 19)

Warm and humid with a high/low of 88°/74°, eight degrees above average.

1985 (June 16)

Rain fell overnight until 7 AM, and then a thunderstorm moved through between 7-8 PM.  In total, 1.19" of rain fell, making this the rainiest Father's Day since 1972.

1987 (June 21)

An inch of rain fell between 4-5 AM and then the daylight hours were overcast, foggy and oppressive.  Meanwhile, LaGuardia Airport picked up nearly four inches of rain while JFK had very little.  The overcast skies kept the temperature nearly 20 degrees cooler than yesterday's torrid high of 96°. 




1991 (June 16)

The day was miserably hot under hazy sunshine.  Today's sweltering high/low of 94°/76° was fifteen degrees above average.

1993 (June 20)

Warm and humid with a high of 85°.  Thunderstorms after 10 PM produced 0.50" of rain, making this the rainiest day of a dry June.

1994 (June 19)

Not only was this the hottest day of the summer, but also the hottest Father's Day on record, as the high reached 98° (eighteen degrees above average), after a low of 75°.  This tied June 22, 1988 for the highest temperature in June since 1966's 101°.


1995 (June 18)

Sunny and hot, with the first reading in the 90s of the year.

2001 (June 17)

A lot of rain fell overnight and throughout the morning, totaling 1.53".  This was a record amount for the date (broken 10 years later) and the rainiest Father's Day in the 1970-2023 period (topping 1972).  Then skies cleared quickly in the afternoon.




2004 (June 20)

The morning low of 57° was the same as that on Father's Day 1997 and 1992, the coolest readings on the holiday in the 1970-2021 period.

2006 (June 18)

Today's high of 91° was the first reading in the 90s this year. 

2014 (June 15)

If you forgot to buy Dad a necktie there was no need to fret since the weather was gift enough as skies were mostly clear and the afternoon temperature rose to a seasonable 80°.

2015 (June 21)

Significant rain that had been predicted from the remnants of tropical storm Bill didn't materialize as just 0.25" fell overnight (1.50" had been forecast).  However, with this storm being a dud, Father's Day turned out to be nice and summery, with temperatures in the upper 80s under partly cloudy skies.  Then a quick downpour between 6:00 and 6:20 PM dumped more rain than what fell in the wee hours of the morning.

2016 (June 19)

It was a beautiful, beautiful Father's Day, with a high/low of 88°/66° under deep blue skies.

2017 (June 18)

It was a sultry day, with the dew point in the low 70s throughout the day, peaking at 74° early in the afternoon.  Combined with a high of 85°, the heat index reached the low 90s.

2018 (June 17)

Mostly clear and hot, with a high of 91°, the first Father's Day in the 90s in twelve years. This high was 37 degrees hotter than Mother's Day.  Today's heat was somewhat mitigated by low humidity (24% during mid-afternoon), which produced a "feels like" temperature three degrees cooler than the air temperature.  

2022 (June 19)

It was a beautiful Father’s Day despite it being ten degrees cooler than average (high/low of 73°/54°), along with a stiff breeze that persisted throughout the day (but not as windy as yesterday, which had wind gusts of 30-40 mph).  This was the first Father’s Day since 2012 not to have a high of 80° or warmer (when the high was also 73°).  And the last time the low temperature was this chilly on Father’s Day was in 1958.  Furthermore, humidity late in the afternoon dropped to 25%, which was comparable to the humidity level on Father's Day 2018.    


Rob frydlewicz with father, 1960
 Me and my dad, winter 1960












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did 2018 set some kind of record for the biggest difference in high temperature on mom's day versus dad's day?


On Sunday evening I had the same thought and began looking into it. Going back to 1980 one other year had the same 37-degree difference - in 2010 the high on Father's Day was 89 and on Mother's Day it was 52. And 1994 had a 36-degree difference between the highs (98 v 62. However, looking at the daily mean temperature, this year ranks third behind 2010 and 1994.


2019 was the second year in a row where Father's Day was a lot warmer and more humid than Mother's Day, so much so, that in both years, Mother's Day felt like fall and Father's Day felt like summer. When was the last time consecutive years had this distinction for these holidays?


You'll be able to find the answer to your question in the following post from last year that compares the two holidays: https://thestarryeye.typepad.com/weather/2018/06/comparing-mothers-and-fathers-day-weather.html

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