Looking Back at New York Weather History: June 11
New York City Weather Analysis: Chilly Summer Days

Today in New York Weather History: June 12


1958 (Thursday)

Today and yesterday had the year's first back-to-back days with highs in the 80s, the latest occurrence in the 1950-2023 period (it happened one day earlier in 1997).

1967 (Monday)

This was the eleventh day in a row with highs of 80° or warmer.  Today was the hottest, with a high of 92° (the previous two days were also in the 90s).  The average high during this warm streak was close to 86°, nine degrees above average.  But perhaps even more impressive was the fact that today was the fourteenth day in a row in which skies were clear or mostly clear.




1973 (Tuesday)

Today was the fourth day in a row with a high in the 90s.  The highs were: 92°, 91°, 95° (a record for the date) and today's 93° (which tied the 1933 record).

1975 (Thursday)

A steady, all-day rain amounted to 1.98".  Because of the clouds and rain, the high temperature got no higher than 63°, fifteen degrees below average.

1979 (Tuesday)

The day started off chilly, with a low of 48°, fourteen degrees below average, and a record for the date.  This was the latest date for a reading in the 40s since 1950.


1983 (Sunday)

Today's high was 91°, the year's first high in the 90s.  It came about two weeks later than the average date of this occurrence.  Despite this late start, the year would have 36 days with highs in the 90s, the most since 1944's 37.

1988 (Sunday)

This was the first of twelve consecutive days with much above average temperatures, including seven which had highs in the 90s, like today.  Temperatures would average eight degrees above average during this extended period of hot weather.

1995 (Monday)

In just fifteen minutes a torrential downpour during a thunderstorm dumped 0.68" of rain between 1:28-1:43 AM.  Showers later that afternoon brought the day's rainfall total to 0.99", which accounted for half of the month's rainfall.

2000 (Monday)

The temperature this afternoon was only in the low 60s, quite a contrast from yesterday's sizzling high of 92°.




2007 (Tuesday)

0.85" of rain poured down in just 15 minutes between 3:07-3:22 PM.  (This was even greater than the 15-minute deluge of 0.68" on this date in 1995).

2009 (Friday)

Today was the last day this month with an above-average mean temperature.  The next above-average day wouldn't be until July 28, a stretch of 46 days.

2012 (Tuesday)

Rain began late in the morning and by the time it ended, at 4 AM on 6/13, 1.32" had fallen.  The day's high was 72°, after a mild low of 65°.

2017 (Monday)

Today's high of 93° tied 1973 and 1933 for the record high, but it had the warmest mean temperature of the three years: 84.5° (93°/76°) versus 82.5° in '73 (93°/72°) and 80.0° in '33 (93°/67°).  This record is the "coolest" reading for a record high in June.  Less than a week after a mean temperature that was 14 degrees below average (on 6/6 when the high/low was 58°/55°), today was 14 degrees above average.  This was the fifth 90-degree day of the year, the most at this point in the year since 2000 (when there were six by 6/11).

2021 (Saturday)

Today's high/low of 69°/62° was the same as yesterday's (and skies were overcast both days).  This followed another pair of days with the same high/low just just a few days earlier, as June 8 and 9 each had a high/low of 90°/72°.   (And June 6 and 7 missed being "twin" days by one degree, as the highs/lows were 92°/76° and 91°/76°).   Two weeks earlier, on Memorial Day weekend, the high/low on both days was 51°/47°.  (A typical years has two or three of these temperature twins.) 










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when was the last time Central Park had consecutive days where both the high temp and the low temp was in the sixties (before 2021)?

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