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Ken K. in NJ

I remember June 13, 1982 well. A good friend/co-worker of mine and his wife (newlyweds) had a housewarming party on Long Island. 50 of us spent a shivering day outside under a big party tent, with no chance at all of going in their beautiful new pool.

I've just sent him an E-mail (they have retired to Florida recently) reminding him that it is the 33rd Anniversary of that miserable day.

Thanks for jogging my memory, I hadn't thought about that day for years until I saw your post.


One of those situations, not very pleasant at the time, where you think, "In the future, we'll laugh about this!"


prior to 2017, when did we last have 2 or more heat waves through June 13?


That would be 1976, when there was a three-day heat wave in April and another from June 9-11.


this is the eighth consecutive day in which the high temperature was warmer than the previous day: 58°, 67°, 69°, 80°, 85°, 90°, 93°, 94° (today). today was the warmest June reading since June 21, 2012 (also 94°) & the earliest we've been this warm since June 9, 2011 (95°).


And speaking of 6/21/2012, this morning's low of 77 was the warmest in June since it was 79 degrees on that date in '12.


the low of 77° on 6/13/17 is a daily record high minimum temperature, besting the previous record by 2° last set in 2005.

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