Today in New York Weather History: Father's Day (1970 - 2023)
Unrelenting Rain - New York's Most Lengthy Rainy Spells

Today in New York Weather History: June 17


1978 (Saturday)

Winds off the ocean from the southeast created a bank of clouds that resulted in there being just a two degree difference between the high and low.  And although the low of 62° was seasonable, the high of 64° was sixteen degrees below the norm.    

1989 (Saturday)

In the past two weeks rain fell on twelve of the days, amounting to 7.28".  Coincidentally, last summer had an equally wet two-week period that coincided with the same date range, with just about the same amount of rain measured (7.44").




2001 (Sunday)

A lot of rain fell overnight and throughout the morning, totaling 1.53".  This was a record amount for the date (broken ten years later).  Then skies quickly cleared in the afternoon, salvaging Father's Day.

2004 (Thursday)

After a muggy afternoon, in which the high reached 87°, 0.57" of rain poured down during a thunderstorm between 5-6 PM.  Then more thundershowers popped up later, producing an additional 0.42" of rain.  

2010 (Thursday)

This was the fifth morning in a row with a low temperature of either 64° or 65° (a few degrees above average).  Today's and 6/13's low of 65° book-ended three days with lows of 64°.

2011 (Friday)

Two thunderstorms moved through before dawn and then two more during the afternoon, dropping 1.82" in Central Park's rain bucket, a record for the date (breaking the previous record set ten years earlier).     




2014 (Tuesday)

It was very warm and humid, but the first 90-degree day of the year was not to be as the high topped out at 89° (it reached 91° in Newark).  However, the first 70-degree low of the year was registered (two weeks later than usual).

2017 (Saturday)

The 1.39" of rain that fell between 11:30 AM and 2 PM was nearly three times the amount that had fallen so far this month (0.48"), and almost equal to the amount that fell since May 23 (1.42"). 

2018 (Sunday)

Mostly clear and hot, with a high of 91°, making this the first Father's Day to reach the 90s in twelve years.   Today's heat was somewhat mitigated by low humidity (24% during mid-afternoon), which produced a "feels like" temperature three degrees cooler than the air temperature.  Today's high was 37 degrees hotter than Mother's Day.










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