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1975 Weather Highlights for New York

Today in New York Weather History: June 18


1967 (Sunday)

Today was Father's Day, and after a seasonably warm and dry day, flooding rains dumped 1.83" of rain in the two hours between 9-11 PM.  Rain continued through mid-afternoon on 6/19, at much lower rates, totaling 3.18".  This heavy rain was attributed to a tropical depression that moved up the coast.

1995 (Sunday)

It was a sunny and hot Father's Day as the high reached 90°.  This was also the first 90-degree day of the year, the latest date for this occurrence in ten years (it typically occurs at the end of May).




1997 (Wednesday)

During a thunderstorm, 0.36" of rain fell in just five minutes time between 12:05-12:10 AM on 6/19, and 0.64" fell in fifteen minutes between 12:04-12:19 AM.  However, because the National Weather Service doesn't recognize Daylight Saving Time, and uses Standard Time year-round for its records, this rainfall was credited to 6/18.

2006 (Sunday)

Similar to 1995, today was Father's Day and the high of 91° was the first 90-degree reading of the year.  (The next 90-degree reading on Father's Day would be in 2018.)

2009 (Thursday)

2.30" of rain fell today, a record for the date.  Rain fell until 5:30 PM, preventing the afternoon temperature from getting higher than 64°, sixteen degrees below average.  Today's rain brought the month's total to 7.61", making this the rainiest month since April 2007.   

2014 (Wednesday)

Although this year's meteorological summer (June 1 thru Aug. 31) would have eight days in the 90s, today, with a high/low of 89°/76°, saw the warmest mean temperature of the year until Sept. 2 (which had a high/low of 92°/77°).

2017 (Sunday)

It was a sultry Father's Day, with the dew point in the low 70s throughout the day, peaking at 74° early in the afternoon.  Combined with a high of 85°, the heat index reached the low 90s.

2018 (Monday)

Yesterday and today both had highs of 91°, but there was a distinct difference between the two days in terms of comfort level as today was much more humid.  As a result, today's heat index rose to 96°, which was nine degrees hotter than yesterday (this afternoon's dew point was in the low 70s, while it was only in the upper 40s yesterday).


What a difference a day makes

2022 (Saturday)

After yesterday's sultry conditions (bright sunshine and a high of 88°), today felt like October as skies were overcast and afternoon temperatures only in the mid-60s; adding to the chill were winds that gusted between 30-40 mph.  (Despite this change in weather, it appeared half of the City's residents hadn't heard the day's forecast as they were walking about dressed as if they expected a repeat of yesterday's summer-like conditions.)   







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