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A Look Back at New York Weather: June 3

Today in New York Weather History: June 2


1928 (Saturday)

Today's high of 83° was the second reading in the 80s of the year and came nearly two months after the year's first, on April 5 (a record for the date).  In the years since 1900 (thru 2023) this 57-day hiatus is the longest on record.

1946 (Sunday)

Two days after a summery high of 86°, today was more than 30 degrees colder, along with a soaking rain of more than two inches (six days after another two-inch rainfall).  Today's high was just 52°, twenty-four degrees below average and came one year after an equally chilly three-day period from June 3-5 that saw an average high/low of 53°/49°.     

1967 (Friday)

Like yesterday, today's diurnal variation was 30 degrees, but today's high/low of 88°/58° was ten degrees warmer.  Both days featured clear skies.

1988 (Thursday)

Today's high of 63° was twenty-seven degrees cooler than yesterday's high of 90°.




1997 (Monday)

An all-day rain produced 0.99" of rain, more than half of the month's total (1.93").  This was the first measurable rainfall on this date in 10 years.

2005 (Thursday)

Although it was on the cool-ish side (high/low of 69°/54°), skies were clear and it was a beautiful evening for an after-work excursion around Manhattan on the Forbes yacht.

2006 (Friday)

A severe thunderstorm struck shortly after lunchtime on Friday and dumped 1.73" in an hour (2:35-3:35 PM).  During this hour, 0.54" fell in five minutes, and 1.02" in ten minutes.  Total rainfall for the day was 2.79", a record for the date.  




2007 (Saturday)

This was the tenth day in a row with a high temperature of 80° or warmer.  The average high during these days was 86°, twelve degrees warmer than normal.

2011 (Thursday)

The past ten days were nice and balmy, with sunny skies predominating.  Afternoon highs averaged close to 84°,  ten degrees above average.




2013 (Sunday)

A day that was very warm (upper 80s) and humid was capped off by a late night thunderstorm featuring vivid lightning that dumped a half-inch of rain in just fifteen minutes (10:25-10:40).  

2015 (Tuesday)

One day after a chilly high/low of 58°/51°, today was even chillier.  With a high/low of just 55°/50° this was the chilliest day in June since June 2, 1946 (52°/48°).  Today's high was twenty-three degrees below average.  Drizzle and light rain fell throughout the day, bringing Central Park's total rainfall since 6 PM on 5/31 to 2.55" - more than what fell during the previous sixty days. 

2019 (Sunday)

A nighttime thunderstorm dumped 0.78" of rain in the 30 minutes between 9:45 and 10:15.  This was the greatest amount in such a brief period so far this year.  Central Park appeared to be the bulls-eye for the heaviest rain as Newark Airport reported 0.31", LaGuardia had 0.30" and JFK just 0.03".  (And at Yankee Stadium there was no rain delay for its game).      




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It's interesting that the Yankees game wasn't called off even though the 2019 Governors Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island was. Although I wasn't there, I heard many people were forced out of the event while being soaking wet from the rain and their money wasn't refunded to them for the performances they intended to watch but didn't.


As it turned out the concert organizers could have started early in the afternoon as was scheduled since the radar wasn't showing any activity, but I can understand why they took precautions. The 10PM storm was somewhat like last Tuesday's in which Newark was the bulls-eye while CPK, LGA and JFK had relatively light amounts.

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