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New York City Weather Analysis: Biggest & Smallest Swings in Daily Temperature

Today in New York Weather History: June 6


1923 (Wednesday)

Highs today and the previous four days: 89°-88°-89°-92°-91°(today), sixteen degrees above average.  Strong thunderstorms struck during the afternoons of the 3rd (0.61" rain fell) and today (0.59").



1945 (Tuesday)

For the fifth time in the past six days the low was in the 40s (and the one day that didn't drop into the 40s had a low of 50°).  No other June has had this many days with temperatures in the 40s.  What made this streak even more noteworthy is the fact that it came only a few months after the mildest March on record (a record which still stands).  Today's high of 70° was the first that warmed into the 70s since 5/29.




1989 (Tuesday)

During an afternoon thunderstorm, 1.18" of rain fell in just half an hour (2:30-3 PM). 




2000 (Tuesday)

A rare June nor'easter dumped 2.62" of rain, with 1.10" of it falling between 7:30-10:30 AM.

2002 (Thursday)

0.32" of rain poured down in just 10 minutes between 8:50-9 PM.

2010 (Sunday)

Today was the eighth day in a row in which afternoon temperatures rose into the mid-to-upper 80s (but no 90s).  These readings were eleven degrees above average.




2017 (Tuesday)

Measurable rain fell for the eighth day of the last nine, but the total amount was unimpressive - just 0.41" (by comparison, the deluge of May 5 saw 2.72" fall in two hours).  Today's light rainfall was 0.06", which fell throughout the day.  Temperatures during these nine days were  five degrees below average.

2020 (Saturday)

Warm and uncomfortably humid, with a high of 86°; the dew point was in the 68°-70° range all morning thru mid-afternoon.  This was the first reading of 85° or warmer this year, the latest date for this occurrence since 2008 (when it happened on 6/7).   Today also had the year's first low of 70°+, which was just a few days later than the average date.  The humidity dropped sharply after a mid-afternoon shower.  Meanwhile, Newark and LaGuardia airports had their first readings in the 90s.

2021 (Sunday)

Central Park had its first reading in the 90s this year (92°), as well its first low in the 70s (76°) -  the first time since 2013 that both occurred on the same date.  Today's first low in the 70s fell on the same date as last year's; the last time this happened was in 1988 and 1989 (when the date was 5/30).  This weekend's highs of 89°/92°, and those of two weeks ago, 89°/88°, were in very stark contrast to last weekend's highs of 51°/51° (Memorial Day weekend).

Rob.frydlewicz_summery weekend_june 5-6_2021












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also in 2021, today’s low of 76° tied 1899 as the seventh earliest date on record for a low temp this warm. since 1950, only three other years have had a daily low temp of 76° or warmer this early in the calendar year. all three of the following days had a low of 76°. April 18, 2002, May 31, 1987, June 5, 2010. only 1899 (76°) and 1925 (77°) have had a low temp as warm as 2021 had on this date.


Hi Rob!

I'm surprised that the first 70° low of 2021 was 76°, which is pretty warm for a first 70° low. Has there been any other first lows in the 70s at or warmer than 76°?


I am always interested in observing the first 90-degree day of the year. Much of the country has been experiencing record breaking heat. The stations here in the Tri-State area that are newer than Central Park even tied or broke records. When I saw the weather channel say “near record high temperatures,” I did a quick research and found that the first nine days of June have long-standing record highs. June 1-3’s records are from 1895, 4-7’s are from 1925, and 8-9’s are from 1933. The hottest temperatures in early June are from 1925: 99 degrees on 6/4 and 6/5, and 98 degrees on 6/6 (six to ten degrees hotter than in 2021’s heat wave). The other observation is that the low of 76 degrees on June 6, 2021 was one degree short of the record warm low temperature of 77 degrees set in 1925.


To answer your question lucas, maybe june 6, 1925's low of 77 unless june 4 or 5 had a low in the 70s which in that case will mean june 6, 2021's low of 76 would be the warmest 1st 70+ low


to respond to Lucas’s question with even more certainty than Landen, 2021 tied 1945, 1926, 1925, 1899 and 1875 as the warmest first low temp of 70° or warmer (76°) for any calendar year on record. 2020’s last low of 70° or warmer was 73° on 9/10. since 1990, only 1993, 1996 and 2001 have had their last low temp of 70° or warmer as mild as 73° or milder.


2021 was the first time the temperature rose into the nineties on this date since 1968, when the high was 93° (and the high was 89° on this date in 2010). 2021 also had a high in the nineties on June 7, 8 and 9. all of those three June days have had a high in the nineties at least once since 2008 by comparison.


why did you include the day of the week next to the year in this post? I think you should remove the day of the week cause I don’t believe the days matter too much, if at all. this is something readers can easily research if they really want to know.


The addition of this information adds a further dimension to a date's weather conditions, providing some insight on how the lives of residents of the City may have been affected. For example, a rainy Wednesday may be viewed differently than a rainy Saturday. I regularly get questions from readers about weather conditions on a particular date as it pertains to family history, and knowing the day of the week may enhance their knowledge-gathering experience.

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