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80-Degree Weather in April and October



On average, temperatures reach the 80s, or hotter, on 1.4 days in April and 1.1 in October (since 1970).  Interestingly, despite the higher likelihood in April, its average high temperature is a few degrees cooler than October's.  In the years between 1970 and 2019, April has had about 25% more 80/90-degree days than October (72 vs. 57 days).  However, this disparity didn't start until 2000.  Between 1970 and 1999 the two months were relatively close (35 days in the 80s in April vs. 31 in October), but since 2000 April has had 37 such days while October has lagged behind with 26.


The greatest number of 80-degree days to occur in April is five, which happened twice, in 1985 and 2002.  October 1990 had six 80-degree days and five in 1995 and 2007. The most years in a row without an 80-degree temperature being reported in April is three; the same holds true with October.  However, while the most consecutive years with 80-degree readings (or warmer) in October is four (2016-2019), April, has had a streak of thirteen years (2001-2013).




Since 1970 thirteen of April's days above 80 degrees have been in the 90s, but just one such day has occurred in October (it was in 2019 and was the first high of 90+ in October since 1941). 




Finally, there have been ten 80-degree days before April 1, but just one after November 1.  (March and November totals aren't included in this analysis.)


Chart - 80s in Apr and Oct






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1941 and 2017 are the only two years with four or more eighty degree days in both April and October. April 1941 had five while both Octobers and April 2017 had four. annually speaking, 2017 had fifteen fewer such days than 1941 (83 vs 98).


2017 became the second warmest April on record, behind 2010 (but 2017 had the warmest average low temp of any April) and 2017 also featured the warmest October on record (breaking a two-way tie from 1947 and 2007 by half a degree).


Interesting that the thirteen year streak of 80° days in April (2001-2013) coincided with Michael Bloomberg's time in office as Mayor of the City of New York. perhaps mother nature's intention was that if Bloomberg's time as Mayor ends, the streak ends too.

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