A History of New York's First Snowfalls of the Winter
New York's Top 10 Weather Stories of 2013

A History of Mild December Temperatures in New York





  • Since 1970 the warmest reading in December has averaged 60°.  Between 1970-1999 it was 58°; since 2000 it has been 64°.
  • December 1998 and 2001 each had two days with 70-degree highs. And every day of the first week of December 1998 had highs of 60° or warmer (including the two 70-degree highs).
  • In eleven years since 1970 the mildest reading in December has occurred after the first day of winter.
  • Since 1970 six years have had mildest December readings of 55° or lower.  The coolest maximum was 53° in 1989.
  • In 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2015, December's mildest reading occurred just before Christmas (12/23, 12/24, 12/23 and 12/24, respectively).
  • December 2013 is just one of four Decembers since 1970 that had a warmer reading than November.  The other three were in 2006, 1998 and 1983.   
  • Decembers with very mild readings don't preclude significant snowfalls.  For example, 2013's 71-degree reading on 12/22 followed a wintry 10-day period between 12/8-17 which saw 8.6" of snow.  In 1984 a 70-degree day on 12/29 came just two days after 4.8" of snow fell; in 1990 a snowfall of 7.2" came five days after a high of 66° on 12/23; and in 2008 a 4.5" snow event followed a high of 67° five days earlier on 12/15.



 70 in December


December Chilliest Max




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