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Ken K. in NJ

Hi, I recently found your blog via a link from an article recently in the NY Times. I've always been a fan of this sort of weather esoterica, so I'm really enjoying your write-ups.

Question, pertaining to the article above. NY City has already had 3 snows of 1 inch or greater. Is that some sort of record for so early in the season? It's got to be very unusual at the least.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!


Hi Ken, I'm very happy you found my sight! And, yes, this many snowfalls of 1-inch+ in December isn't very common here in NYC. The last time we had three was back in 2005, and there have been a handful of other Decembers since 1980 in which it's happened. The last time there were four such snowfalls of 1-inch or more was in 1963. Thanks very much for your message/question - much appreciated.


how often does a season's first measurable snowfall occur on the same day as the season's first reading of 32° or colder?


I assume you're asking because this fall's first temperature of 32 degrees or colder and the first snowfall were just a day apart. On average the first measurable snowfall occurs about four weeks after the first low of 32 or colder. However, there have been six years in which both occurred on the same date (going back to 1900): 1987, 1953, 1938, 1937, 1935 and 1902. You may also be interested in knowing that there have been five years in which the first snowfall occurred BEFORE the first low of 32 or colder: 2011, 1952, 1909, 1907 and 1906. And despite these events not occurring that frequently, note the clustering in the second half of the 1930s for cold/snow on the same day and the second half of the 1900s for the first snow falling before the first low of 32 or colder.

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