January 2014's Weather Was Harsh, but January 2009 Was Colder
Frost-Free Winter Days: A History (1970 - 2020)

Mild One Day, Snow the Next - A History of Dramatic Change



This post was inspired by an eight-inch snowfall on Feb. 2, 2014 that occurred the day after the high reached 56°.  However, there was an even more drastic one-day change during the winter of 2017 when 9.4" of snow fell on Feb. 9, the day after the high was 62°.  This was the most drastic one-day change in weather conditions since March 16, 2007 when 5.5" of sleet and snow fell the day after a springlike high of 67° was reached.


Nyc snowplow

Since 1970 there have been twenty-eight instances of an inch or more of snow falling the day after a high of 50° or warmer; however, on only seven of those occasions was the accumulation four inches or more.  In addition to the three occasions mentioned at the beginning of this post, here are the four other dates it has occurred:

  • March 29, 1970 - On Easter Sunday four inches of snow fell the day after a high of 54°.
  • Feb. 2, 2009 - 4.3" of snow fell one day after a high of 53° was reported.
  • Feb. 21, 2001 - A snowfall of 5.8" occurred the day after a high of 52°.
  • Feb. 17, 2018 - A nighttime snowfall of 4.4" came at the end of a week that had three days with highs of 62° and a high of 58° on 2/16.


The following two snowstorms occurred the day after the high temperature was above average, but below 50°; however, they warrant mention because of the large amount of snow that fell:

  • Jan 21, 2014 - 11.0" fell the day after a high of 46° degrees was reached.
  • April 6, 1982 - 9.6" fell the day after the temperature topped out at 48°.   


Finally, a shout-out to the 1.2" of snow that fell on April 9, 2000 because it came the day after a high of 71°.


Snow in  central park - wabc






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