Snowfall Before, During & After "Meteorological" Winter
January thru April 2014 Was the Coldest in New York Since 1970

April Ends with a BIG Splash



No month has ever ended with such a big rainstorm as did April 2014.  4.97" poured down on April 30, making it New York's rainiest day on record.  Previous to this, the rainiest day at the end of a month end occurred on Aug. 31, 1911 when 3.76" fell.  Before April 30th's deluge the month had been an inch-and-a-half below average.  It ended up becoming the sixth rainiest April on record. 




More than 60% of the month's rainfall was accounted for on the last day of the month.  What also made this day's rainfall of interest was that up until this year April 30 was one of three days in which an inch or more of rain had never fallen (the other two days are April 29 and Sept. 9). 


And the wettest first day of any month?  When this post was written in 2014, that honor went to Oct. 1, 1913, which had 4.98" measured (yes, 0.01" more than April 30, 2014); however, it fell to second place when 7.13" of rain fell on the first day of September 2021.  


    % of Month's
Date Amount Total Precip
April 30.2014 4.97" 63%
Aug 31,1911 3.76" 41%
May 31,1940 3.13" 41%
June 30, 1984 3.07" 53%
Oct 31,1956 2.41" 67%
Dec 31,1948 2.31" 37%
July 31, 1889 2.29" 19%
Feb 29,1896 2.26" 33%
Sept 30,1921 2.21" 46%
July 31,1925 2.14" 37%
Sept 1, 2021            7.13"         71%
Oct 1, 1913 4.98" 38%
Sept 1, 1927 3.84" 90%
Sept 1, 1983 3.40" 74%
Mar 1, 1914 2.95" 62%
Aug 1,1878 2.85" 36%
June 1,1887 2.60" 34%
May 1  1976 2.48" 52%
Oct 1, 2010 2.46" 50%
July 1,1933 2.17" 36%
July 1, 1922 2.13" 28%


(Many thanks to my friend Eugene DeMarco for creating a spreadsheet that listed every one-inch rainfall in NYC since 1869. It made doing this analysis possible.) 




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