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Ken K. in NJ

Wonderful work, Rob, thanks so much for doing this. Brings back lots of memories, both good and awful over the past 40+ years. Certainly can't quibble with #1, although Irene was much worse for us in Central Jersey.

Best flashback was the January 1996 Blizzard. We were one of the "lucky" communities in NJ that got over 30 inches of snow from that storm. I remember the bitter cold in the days before that, it just felt ominous. And I remember commenting to a neighbor while shoveling snow late in the first afternoon that the 12 inches we had at that point was about as much as we ever get. Little did I know another 20 inches of snow would fall before it was over. We have a great video of our cat trying to negotiate our front steps the morning after. In 15 minutes he cautiously made it down all of 3 steps, gave up and turned around and dived back in the house.

Thanks again, really enjoyed it.

--Ken in NJ


Thanks Ken, now it's time to focus on stories #101-250! (Just kidding.) You must have picked up considerably more snow from the March Superstorm than we did because I assume you didn't see as much sleet and rain. Also, I've read that the snowstorm of Dec. 30, 2000 dumped 18"+ across large parts of northern NJ and the lower Hudson Valley.


Oh my gosh...I must tell you how much I have enjoyed your top 100 weather events list! It took me a while to get to read the entire 100 because of life's interruptions, but I enjoyed every set. I have shared the blog with several friends. The weather facts were fantastic and your writing is wonderful! But the reference to my own experience was so much fun and made it so much more informative. Took me from high school, college, young adult, first jobs, etc. After reviewing the entire list I pondered why you hadn't included "The Perfect Storm" of late October 1992, but then I realized that storm had practically no impact on NYC. However, we have our house out in the Hamptons, and the damage to the beaches was monumental! I have pictures of the devastated beaches after that, and it was amazing. I think the one I connected to the most was Dec. 11, 1992, the nor'easter that caused flooding on the FDR and other places. That was hysterical because the storm started the night before, while we were at the G+J holiday party. By the time it ended, and everyone was drunk, the subways and streets were flooded, and no one could get home. After many hours of angst, it worked out. Kenny and I lived at 77th & York Ave. then. I had taken off the day of the storm to go Christmas shopping. Well .... I wound up watching the news and walking to the FDR to see all swamped cars. Surreal. There were many cars which were towed from the FDR onto E.78th and 77th Sreets. They had seaweed dripping off their mirrors, etc. Bet those cars were totalled from sea water damage. In Manhattan!!??? Preceded Sandy by quite a few years, no? It was really surreal. Anyway Rob, I really, really like this work you did. I'm a weather geek too. Thank you for your efforts.


if I created this analysis, I would rank the October snow storm of 2011 third and the "Snowfall On Steroids" story sixth since I felt a lot more of the negative impacts from the October snow storm than I did of the snow on steroids story. fortunately, where I lived at the time in NJ, not even the shortest of time went by where I was without power during Irene, Sandy and the winter of 2011, but sadly, I can't say the same thing for the October snow storm. I was without power from 2 to 3pm(ish) on 10/29 to noon time on 10/31, almost 48 hours straight! to make matters worse, this storm was a big surprise to me nor did I have a generator at the time. I had absolutely no idea this storm really meant business nor was I in any way, shape or form prepared for the storm. my water, however, was still functioning nicely, so I was still able to wash dishes & my face and brush my teeth but the downside was that I was stuck dealing with dirty clothes since my dryer and washer were not working. I was cold, hungry, tired and at times wet. a saving grace was that I had a gas stove so I placed a lighter or a lit match near the burner and I was able to cook food, which was stored in a cooler with ice since the fridge didn't work due to the power outage. obviously, I also couldn't use the microwave or the toaster either. to keep warm, I sat near the fire place while wearing clothes made out of wool, being covered with a bunch of blankets and showering with warm water, in the dark though. to see the inside of the house at night, I lit candles and turned on flashlights (hoping the batteries in them wouldn't die until after the power was restored). I had to use all of my electronic devices wisely before the batteries in them died and before the power in my house was restored so I could re-charge and use them once again. power outages are never, at any point in time whatsoever, fun. no t.v., no internet, no wi-fi, no video games, no nothing. nothing but the clothes on one's back.

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