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Comparing Weather Conditions of Summer's Three Big Holidays

July 2014 Weather Recap: Coolest Since 2009

July2014July 2014 was New York's coolest in five years.  However, temperatures were close to average, just 0.4 degrees below normal.  This broke a string of four hot Julys, three which ranked among New York's ten hottest.  (By contrast, July 2009 was the second coolest since 1920).  28 days had highs of 80° or warmer, which was similar to the previous four Julys.  However, only three days had highs in the 90s (hottest temperature was 91°, which happened twice) while the other four years all had ten or more.  Also, the month's coolest low, 63° (which also occurred twice) was similar to the coolest reading of the previous three Julys.


Other observations:

  • All but one of the lows in the 70s were either 71° or 72° (fourteen out of fifteen; the other was 70°).  By comparison, although June had no 90-degree highs its warmest low was 76°.
  • The year's first 90-degree temperature occurred on July 2, the latest date for the first 90 since 1985.  (The usual first 90-degree day occurs at the end of May.)
  • Besides being the coolest since 2009, July 2014 was also the wettest since that July as 5.59" was measured (2009 had 7.11").
  • Hurricane Arthur sideswiped New York City on the 4th of July, bringing clouds, blustery conditions and some light showers thru mid-afternoon (just 0.14" was measured).  This was the third earliest tropical system to affect the area since 1970 (Barry and Andrea struck in the first week of June in 2007 and 2013).  However, skies cleared and conditions were fine by the time of Macy's fireworks exhibition.  
  • Severe thunderstorms on the evenings of July 2 and July 3 were more disruptive than Hurricane Arthur.  On July 2 close to an inch of rain fell between 7-11PM.  On July 3, despite rain falling for half as much time as the night before, nearly twice as much rain fell (1.76"). 


(Source:  NOAA Local Climatological Data)
  2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
Average High 83.5 86.3 87.3 88.9 90.1 80.4
Average Low 68.8 73.4 70.3 71.6 72.6 64.9
Mean Temp 76.1 79.8 78.8 80.2 81.3 72.7
Departure -0.4 +3.3 +2.3 +3.7 +4.8 -3.8
80+ Days 28 27 28 30 29 17
90+ Days 3 10 10 14 16 0
70-72 Lows 15 4 13 7 5 4
73+ Lows 0 19 8 12 20 0







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only 0.40” of rain fell in the last sixteen days of this month, making this the driest last 16 days of July since 1999 when 0.11” of rain fell. 2014 tied 1883 as the eighth driest last sixteen days of July of all time.

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