Comparing Weather Conditions of Summer's Three Big Holidays
Low Temperatures of 70 Degrees or Warmer: An Analysis

Summer of 2014 Weather Recap - Not As Cool As it Seemed



Ask most anyone about the summer of 2014's weather and they'll probably remark how comfortable it was, even cool.  This is most likely because there were so few 90-degree days, just six (normal is sixteen for June-July-August).  However, the average temperature for meteorological summer (June 1 - Aug. 31) was 0.1 degree above average.  (June was +1.0, July -0.4 and August -0.7).  Compared to the previous four summers, however, this summer felt cool because those summers were on the torrid side (especially 2010, which was the hottest summer on record).  And although the summer of 2014 was the coolest in five years, 2009 was much cooler, 2.3 degrees below average. 


Average Summertime Temperatures
(Meteorological Summer)
  Mean Temp Departure
2014 74.4 +0.1
2013 75.7 +1.4
2012 75.6 +1.3
2011 76.0 +1.7
2010 77.8 +3.5
2009 72.0 -2.3


What distinguished this summer from those of the past five was that none of the three months this year had a wide variation from the average, while the others had at least one month that varied significantly from the average.


Monthly Departures From Normal
  June July Aug
2014 +1.0 -0.4 -0.7
2013 +1.2 +3.3 -0.6
2012 -0.4 +2.3 +1.5
2011 +1.1 +3.8 +0.2
2010 +3.5 +4.9 +2.4
2009 -3.7 -3.8 +0.6


And while there were no official heat waves (i.e., three days in a row with highs in the 90s), there were four three-day periods with highs of 87+, two each in July and August (and there were back-to-back 89-degree days in mid-June).  Interestingly, while there were six days with highs in the 90s, the warmest daily mean temperature wasn't one of those days - it occurred on June 18, when the high/low was 89°/76°.


(Ranked by Daily Mean Temp)
  High Low Mean
June 18 89 76 82.5
Aug 31 90 73 81.5
July 2 91 72 81.5
July 8 91 71 81.0
July 7 90 72 81.0
Aug 5 90 71 80.5
July 1 89 72 80.5
Aug 27 90 70 80.0
July 23 88 72 80.0
June 17 89 71 80.0


Finally, there were 29 days with lows in the 70s (an average summer has 33), with all but two of them between 70°-72°.  The outliers were June 18, when the low was 76°, and the last day of August, which had a low of 73°.







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