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Ken K. in NJ

Interesting study, thanks. I remember the Sept 1970 "Heat wave" well. I was still in post-college Frat Boy mode then, and my friends and I made an "emergency" trip to the Hamptons that weekend. The after-summer bonus weather was all anyone was talking about on the beach.

I'm not sure I follow the criteria for the lengthiest warm spell. The 21 days in 1959 for example. Did every day have to be above normal to constitute a warm spell? How did you determine the beginning and end dates of a warm spell?

Thanks for any clarification. I really get into this sort of arcane weather data, so I love your blog, as I have said before.

--Ken (NJ)


Hi Ken, the 1970 heat wave ranks #79 among my top-100 NYC weather stories. Regarding the 3-week warm spell in the fall of 1959, every day had an above average mean temp, with eleven seeing a high in the 80s and one in the 90s. Additionally, fifteen days had lows in the 60s and four in the 70s.

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