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Ken K. in NJ

Great reading, thanks! An interesting side-note about the Jan/Feb 1977 snowstorms is that a major rainstorm occurred between the two snows, wiping out most of the snow on the ground before the 2nd snowstorm.


Thanks Ken! And I recall that less than a week after our big snowstorm of Feb. 2006, it was all gone from a combination of temps in the 50s and rain.

Jonah Falcon

Hey, I posted two videos of the snowstorm from January 23, 2016.




Thanks for sharing. I didn't walk around much that day because I was recovering from the flu so I ventured out only for a little while, mostly because I needed to go to the grocery store (which, thankfully, was still open).


when you post information about nor'easters and snow storms, why do you never discuss their names? the name of the storm in January 2016 was Jonas. the names of the four nor'easters in March 2018 were Quinn, Riley, Skylar and Toby and the name of the storm in November 2018 was Avery. again, I've always pondered why you mention names of hurricanes and tropical storms, but never names such as the ones shown in this comment.


I side with the National Weather Service regarding this issue. When The Weather Channel first started naming storms five or six years ago the NWS issued a bulletin to all of its meteorologists noting that they are NOT to use winter storm names. If you Google the topic you can read more about the reasoning behind its decision.

Gene Genovese

Ken, I remember the winter of 1995-96. We would have a snow storm every 5 or 6 days. Some storms dropped less snow than others, but it was a challenge to shovel so much snow.

Kenneth Musillo

The storm in 2016 in my opinion was not the amt they were saying,I measured in spots where there was no drifting and it was a # of inches less


Why did The Weather Channel choose (or decide) to name winter storms beginning in the 2012-2013 season despite the National Weather Service being firmly against the idea of naming them?

By the way, in NYC’s case, The Weather Channel named the November 2012 snow storm Athena and they named the February 2013 snow storm Nemo.


Thank you for your website about NYC snow. It was helpful to reconstruct when I was in NYC as a small child because a combination of memories, typical dates of school holidays, and snow storms allowed accurate reconstruction of dates.

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