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So You'd Like to Be a TV Weatherman?

Amy.freezeIf you have aspirations for becoming a TV weatherman it doesn't hurt to have a catchy meteorological name, e.g., Storm Field or Amy Freeze.  Probably most of us have already used the formula for determining our "porn" name, i.e., taking your middle name and the street you grew up on.  In a similar manner, the revered Old Farmer's Almanac has developed a fun way to derive your weatherman name (unless you have already been blessed with a last name such as Tornado or Polar!).  Simply follow the instructions on the chart below.  My meteorological moniker would be "Alan Foggy" (which, unfortunately, isn't a name I think would inspire great confidence).




I might also suggest a few other weather terms as worthy candidates: Blizzard; Cumulus; Downpour; Drought; Flurry; Lightning; Puddle; Slush; Stratus; Virga.


Of course, a name can only take you so far.  To better assure a career in meteorology you may also want to take some courses in physics, chemistry, calculus and broadcasting.



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if you were a radio and/or t.v. weatherman, what channel/station would you choose to be on, and, if applicable, what time of day would you choose? and would you choose to work on weekdays or on weekends?


Actually, it's not something I've ever thought about. However, I wouldn't want to be on the early morning shift.

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