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Unlike Rest of World, 2014 Was Far From Warmest Year in New York



Scientists at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported on Friday (1/16) that the Earth experienced its warmest year on record in 2014.  However, the story was different in New York City as 2014 was the coolest in five years.  (And in the past 50 years, two-thirds of the years were warmer than 2014.)  Seven months last year experienced cooler than average temperatures, with January, February, March, and November being especially below average.   And during the summer, only eight days saw 90-degree readings (average number is eighteen), with the hottest being just 92°.


January -4.0    
February -3.7    
March -4.8    
April -0.7    
May +1.6    
June +1.0    
July -0.4    
August -0.7    
September +1.7    
October +2.7    
November -2.4    
December +3.2    
ANNUAL -0.8    

New York's warmest year was 2012 (2.8 degrees warmer than 2014), just 0.1 degree warmer than 1990, 1991 and 1998.  Four of the Earth's ten warmest years are also among New York's top 10.  Despite the overall warming trend, two of our warmest years occurred more than 60 years ago (1949 and 1953).


2012 57.3
1998 57.2
1991 57.2
1990 57.2
1953 57.0
1949 56.9
2006 56.8
2010 56.7
1999 56.5
2011 56.4
2002 56.4
30-Year Average 55.3
2014 54.5

Although NYC wasn't as warm as the rest of the world in 2014, it's important to keep in mind that rising ocean levels resulting from the steady warm up will still effect us.  



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