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Ken K. in NJ

Thanks for this summary. As a kid in Brooklyn I actually do remember bits and pieces of these events. My Dad was somewhat of a weather buff too and I recall him telling me how unusual the late March snows were. It's great to see the details.

March 1960 was memorable too, although most of the cold and snow occurred in the first half of the month. That was the first year I was really into weather events and remember tracking the daily numbers in a notebook. However I think there were a couple of record lows and a snowfall or two late in the month as well.


March 1960 ranks among NYC's ten coldest (and coldest since 1916) and ten snowiest March's, and is one of two March's to be colder than the three winter months (the other was in 1890). As you said, most of its snow and cold was in the first 12 days of the month. I was just a toddler back then but my mother has photos of my brother and sister leaving for school during the snowstorm at the beginning of the month (in Pittsburgh). She told me that they had to leave from the garage because the front door couldn't be opened because of drifting snow.


Hi Rob, I enjoyed your synopsis of the months of March 1956, 1958 and 1967. But I was wondering why you didn’t include March of 1960. That month was the 8th coldest March on record (33.3 average temp.) and the 7th snowiest (18.5”). It also set two daily snowfall records (3rd & 17th, the one on the 17th was broken in 1967) and two daily record low temps (11th & 26th). The first 26 days of the month were all below normal including 11 consecutive days from the 3rd-13th with negative departures of 10 degrees or more.


Indeed, March 1960 was a harsh one - and you're the second reader to mention it! However, the brunt of that month's cold and snow occurred in the first dozen days of the month. But, as the intro to this post states, what got my attention about March 1956, 1958 and 1967 was the late dates of their cold and excessive snow. Because it was consistently cold, March 1960, probably deserves its own separate post.

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