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Ken K. in NJ

Thanks for this rob, totally fascinating data.

Pretty amazing run of weather even into he past few days. I think we set a household record by putting the central A/C on again early on 9/30 (turning it off yesterday morning, 10/1), followed today by putting the heat on for the first time.

I'm now wondering about whether we got near a record for the most consecutive days of 70 degrees or higher, which I guess just ended yesterday.

Thanks again.



If the temperatures we had on 10/1 and 10/2 had occurred during the last two days of September, Sept. 1961 would still be the warmest. Yes that was quite a streak of 70+ days (118), probably a record but, believe it or not, I haven't investigated it!


The 70+ streak tied a record, but didn't break it. Suprisingly, the 70+ streak is from 1994 (5/28 - 9/21) which wasn't a particularly warm summer.


Thanks for investigating. However, the date range of 1994's streak is 117 days while this year's was one day longer (6/5 - 9/30).



the fifteen day streak with no rain this month was the longest rain free streak in September since 1959 when there was one of sixteen days.

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