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I was looking at data sets by using a 10 year and 30 year trailing averages by month (rather than specific daily temperature averages).

Dec 2015 was the warmest against 10 year trailing average (+10.6 degrees)
Dec 2015 was the warmest against 30 year trailing average (+12.2 degrees)
Dec 2015 was the warmest against all-time average (1877 - Present) (+14.6 degrees)

In absolute terms, there were 3 months that had a larger absolute difference against 10 year trailing average (Dec 1918 (-10.64 degrees), Feb 1934 (-13.1 degrees), Dec 1989 (-10.8 degrees)

It's also only the 2nd December ever with more 50 degree days (11) then below freezing days (0). The only other time was 1998 (8/7)
Also (my personal favorite), the difference between warmest December (50.8) and 2nd warmest December (12/2001 44.1) is larger than the gap for warmest and 20th warmest for every other month of the year.

The former biggest gap between warmest and 2nd warmest month was January (1/1932 was 1.8 degrees warmer than 1/1950)


How about this one, for the unbelievable warmth of December 2015?
The average mean temp of 50.8 in December 2015 would put it in third place for the warmest March averages.
March mean records:
51.1 in 1945
50.9 in 2012
49.6 in 1946
So December 2015 would fit in right at third place. I was noticing during December 2015 that we stood a chance of making first or second place in the March list, but unfortunately the last four days of 12/2015 we had means of 40,40,45 and 43, which took our monthly average down somewhat.
Up to and including 12/27/2015, the December monthly mean was 52.07 which means we actually were "warmer" than the all-time warmest March of 1945. Darn!!!!

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