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This post was inspired by the winter of 2016, when the high reached 61° on Feb. 20, six days after a frigid low of -1° (the only sub-zero reading so far this century).  In researching other big rebounds following a sub-zero reading I uncovered one that was even more dramatic.  It occurred in February 1943 when the temperature soared to 63° just five days after a low of -8° (the first of five days in a row in the 60s).  However, winter 2016 can lay claim to a tie for the quickest rise to 50° after a sub-zero - two days later (it also happened in the winters of 1934 and 1918).  The chart below looks at the shortest and longest rebounds to temperatures in the 50s since 1900.




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what, by far, has been the coldest winter(s) not to experience a reading of 0° or chillier? and what is more rare to occur in NYC? a sub zero reading or a 100° reading?


The winter of 1892-93, ninth coldest on record, is the coldest not to have any below zero readings. Average temperatures: Dec. (32.2); Jan. (23.7); and Feb. (29.4). The coldest winter of the past 50 years not to have a sub-zero low was the winter of 1969-70: Dec. (33.4); Jan. (25.1); and Feb. (33.0).

There have been slightly more days of 100+ than sub-zero days, 60 vs. 55. However, there's been a much bigger difference between the two since 1980, with there being 16 highs in the triple digits but only four lows that have been below zero.

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