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Ken K. in NJ

Interesting study, thanks Rob. I do remember 8/7/07. It had rained in NJ and had already stopped. I was just leaving for work at 6AM and looked to the east and Brooklyn. The sky was as ominous as I have ever seen it. Absolutely a deep purple.

Your study raises a couple of questions for me.

I noticed that your table of "Heat & Rain Days" shows each day having a low in the 70's, so obviously the rain had somewhat of a cooling effect on each occasion. Was there ever a day with a low higher than 80 with any measurable precipitation?

And, forgive me if you've already done this, but on the topic of colling thunderstorms, do you have any data on the biggest one hour temperature drops?

Sorry if I'm making extra work, but I do find it interesting and have to ask.

Thanks again.



Hi Ken,
There were a few days with lows in the 77-79 range that had thunderstorms, but none of the days with lows in the 80s had rain. Regarding the biggest temperature drops in an hour, monthly recaps after the early 1940s don't report hourly temperatures, but I believe I cited a 15 or 20-degree drop pre-1940 that I'll look for. Finally, I was out at Fire Island the morning of 8/7/07 and I remember hearing the rain approaching because of the sound the heavy rain made on the leaves of the trees in the distance.

Ken K. in NJ

Thanks Rob. I figured you had probably already looked into the biggest 1 hour temperature drops. If you come across the data again please re-post it. Thanks again.

PS: I seem to recall that one or two of the daily NYC newspapers used to publish hourly temperature data in the 60's and 70's, but maybe those were "unoffcial" readings.

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