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Ken K. in NJ

I was only around for the tail end of the 1940s so I don't have any personal memories, but it was great to read anyway. I kept thinking of my parents and the weather they were experiencing during the early years of their marriage. Thanks for doing this.


Hi Ken, I'm glad you found enjoyment in the post - thank you for your comment. Whenever I write posts about weather conditions from years ago, based purely on statistics and not first-hand experience/observation, I think about how radio broadcasters used to recreate baseball games for their listeners based on teletypes.

One of the things that I'm fascinated by from this era is the bunch of 90-degree readings that occurred in October from the late 1930s thru early 1940s - and then no more since then.


there was a low of 7° on March 4, 1943. this joins 1916 as the only two Marches since 1900 with a reading this cold.


Delighted that this info is so accessible! I was simply curious re: the weather on the day I was born - 8/7/46 - and, here, I have a sense of it! Thanks so much!

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