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February 2017

Photo Gallery: Snowfalls of Winter 2017

Feb9 hedges (2)

Taking a break from weather statistics and analyses, here's a gallery of this winter's snowfalls in New York as captured through the lens of my smartphone. (There have been eight snowfalls thru mid-March - oops, I slipped a statistic in there!) 


Dec11 first snow
0.4" of snow fell the evening of Dec. 11


Dec11 snow by streetlight
Snow in lamp light on Barrow St. (Dec. 4)


Dec17 boot n slush
Nearly 3" of snow fell the morning of Dec. 17.  This photo shows the slush that resulted when the temperature rose into the upper 30s during the afternoon.


1christmas 2016
Dec. 17, Hudson St. (Greenwich Village)


Jan7 greenwich village snow
5.1" of snow fell on Saturday, Jan. 7. These apartment buildings are on West 10th St., off of Seventh Ave. South.


Jan7 sheridan square
Of all the photos chosen for this post, this one of famed Village Cigar may be my favorite


Jan7 snowy seventh ave south
Looking north on 7th Ave. South from the  second floor of my gym (Jan. 7)


Jan7 snow covered car
I found the white & gray of the snow & steel on this parked on Washington Place aesthetically pleasing (Jan. 7)


Jan7 snowy steps
West 23rd St. (evening of Jan. 7)


Jan7 snowy night
The park on the corner of 7th Ave. and Greenwich Ave. (Jan. 7)


Jan7 snowy door
This is the front door of my apartment building (Jan. 7)


Jan14 dusting of snow
Two days after a record high of 66 degrees, afternoon temperatures on Jan. 14 were below freezing and about an inch of snow fell.  This photo was taken at Sheridan Square Park.


Jan14 snowcovered balloons
Snow-covered balloons outside of my gym (Jan. 14)


Geese foraging in Hudson River Park (Jan. 15)


Jan15 wintry sunset
Wintry sunset at Bloomfield Place in lower Manhattan (Jan. 15)


Jan31 snowy lexington and 42nd st
An inch of snow fell late in the morning of Jan 31. This photo (looking at the Grand Hyatt) was taken near the corner of Lexington Ave. and 42nd St.
Feb9  washington place (1)
9.4" of snow fell the morning of Feb. 9, the day after a high of 62 degrees. I took this photo as I was walking to the subway.


Feb9 washington place
This was the sight that greeted me when I stepped out of my apartment building on Washington Place
Feb9 jefferson library (1)
The clock tower of Jefferson Market Library on Sixth Ave. in Greenwich Village.  Visibility for much of the morning was less than 1/4 mile (Feb. 9).


Feb9 hedges (1)
In front of the NY Public Library on Fifth Ave. (10AM on Feb. 9)
Feb9 patience and fortitude (1)
Profiles of famed lions, Patience and Fortitude, who guard the NY Public Library (Feb. 9)


Feb9 chrysler building
The obscured Chrysler Building, looking east on 42nd St./Fifth Ave. (Feb. 9)
Feb9 patience and fortitude (2)
On a snowy day like this it's more appropriate to call this a "Trudge" sign (Feb. 9)


Feb9 blue umbrella
Corner of Madison & 42nd St. (Feb. 9)


Feb9 near office (2)
At the height of the snowstorm's fury (Feb. 9)
Feb9 capital grille
Steakhouse across the street from my office building (150 E. 42nd St.)
Feb9 near office (1)
Lunchtime, Lexington Ave. near the corner of 42nd St. (Feb. 9)


Feb9 slush as modern art
Slush & snowmelt at sidewalk's edge on Lexington Ave. brings to mind modern art (Feb. 9).


Feb9 snow drift
Snowdrifts in Greenwich Village, night of Feb. 9 (Sheridan Square Park, along Christopher St.)


March14 patio
Tribeca patios prepared for evening cocktails (March 14)


Fiorello laguardia
Snow-covered statue of Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia on LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village (March 14)


January 2017 Weather Recap: Snowy ... for a Mild Month

January 2017The first month of 2017 was no different from the 18 preceding months, i.e., it was warmer than average.  And it was well above average, by 5.4 degrees, with only seven days colder than average (and eleven were 10 degrees or more above average).  It ranks as the 13th mildest January on record.  The period between 1/11-1/29 was especially mild, with temperatures ten degrees above average.  During this period there were thirteen days in a row in which the temperature stayed above 32° and sixteen days in a row with above average mean temperatures.  The warmest reading occurred on 1/12, when the high reached a record-setting 66° - the warmest reading in January in ten years.  Other highlights:



The month had 7.9" of snow, which came from four snowfalls; much of it fell on 1/7 when 5.1" piled up.  The monthly total was an inch above average, but what's noteworthy is the fact that this was the snowiest January of any of the 25 mildest (which averaged 2.3" of snow).  Additionally, four of New York's coldest Januarys had less snowfall than January 2017 (and three had a similar amount).


Snowiest of Mild Januarys



Also noteworthy was the month's diurnal variation in temperature, which, at 9.4 degrees was the smallest of any January (the 50-year average is 12.3 degrees).  It was also the only January to have a diurnal variation less than 10 degrees (January 1960 and 2011 had DVs of 10.1 degrees).  Seven days had variations of of five degrees or less; however, one outlier was 1/13, which had a 30-degree difference between its high and low (62/32).


Diurnal Variation in January



A nor'easter on 1/23-24 brought winds that gusted to 47 mph and 2.34" of rain.  This storm arrived on the one-year anniversary of New York's biggest snowfall (27.5").  And that storm's liquid precipitation was practically the same as this year's amount (2.32").



A few days before the record high of 66° there was a three-day period with temperatures that were quite cold, with every day having highs only in the mid-20s.  (In a span of three days the high temperature went from being fifteen degrees below average to twenty-eight degrees above average.)  Average high/low during this cold snap was 25/17, eleven degrees below average.  This included the coldest reading of the month, 14° on 1/9.  The 5.1" snowfall fell during this cameo appearance of Old Man Winter.


Sheridan square jan 7 2017
Sheridan Square, Jan. 7, 2017