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I don't know if this should warrant mention in the post, but the year's first, and probably only, 89° high occurred on 8/22. the latest date since Sept. 7, 1998 and by far the fewest such days since there was also one on Aug. 20, 2004. there are typically about four or five 89° highs in a year.


If 8/23 ends up being the last 70-degree night of the year, it will be the earliest date for this occurrence in any year in the 1970-2017 period (and the earliest in 5 decades when it happened on 8/20).


Yes, if it comes to pass this year's 8/23 will be among the ten earliest dates. However, the forecast for the next week calls for four nights with lows around 70, so I have a feeling this may not hold. However, 8/1 as the last 90-degree day of the year looks like it will hold.


well, I guess we were both wrong. your prediction of 2017 featuring one of the earliest last 90° days was way off as the year experienced the latest 90° day in many years and my prediction of 2017 featuring one of the earliest last low temperatures in the seventies was also way off as the year experienced the latest date ever for a low in the seventies.


Neither my comment nor yours were predictions, they were just statements of fact.

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