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December 2017

The Magic & Beauty of the Season's First Snowfall

Washington square at night in snowOftentimes the first snowfall of the winter is inconsequential, e.g., since 1970 half of first snowfalls have been less than an inch.  Occasionally, however, the first snowfall produces a significant accumulation and transforms the City into a breathtaking winter wonderland.  Such was the case with the first snowfall of the winter of 2017-18 when 4.6" fell on Dec. 9.  What made it extra special was the fact that it fell over the weekend and during the run-up to Christmas.  Every year I think I won't traipse around in the snow taking countless photos, because how different can they be from previous snowfalls of previous winters?  Yet I can't resist the ineffable drawing power of snow, as shown in the photo gallery below.



Washington square park6
Washington Square Park


Tree tops in snow
A curtain of white, looking south on Sixth Ave. in Greenwich Village


Traffic lights, with their green & red lights, serve as giant ornaments at Christmastime, even more so during a snowfall


Wash square park1
Washington Square Park


Wash park xmas tree
A view of the Washington Square Christmas tree seen through Ai Weiwei's art installation (thru Feb. 2018), titled "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors"


Wrought iron covered with snow
Snow has a softening effect on wrought iron fences


Wash square park3
Because Washington Square Park is just two blocks from my apartment  it's often where I start my picture taking


Snowflakes and flag
Giant illuminated snowflakes on Varick Street looked a little less out of place


Snow and lamplight
Brings to mind an illustration by Currier & Ives


Father demo square
White lights form a tree over the fountain in Father Demo Square (corner of Bleecker St. and Sixth Ave.)


Washington square xmas tree
The snow-laden Christmas tree in Washington Square Park


North square
North Square Restaurant sits on the northwest corner of Washington Square Park


Barrow street-first snow
A streetlight illuminates tree branches laden with snow and leaves (Barrow St.)


Photo Gallery from Winter 2017

November 2017 Was A Relatively Tranquil Weather Month

Central park in fallNovember 2017 featured two weather highlights.  The first was the flash-freeze of Nov. 10 and 11.  After eight weeks of very mild autumn weather that began in mid-September (including the warmest October on record), Arctic air moved in on Nov. 10, ushering in the earliest reading of 25° since 1976.  The lows on the 10th and 11th were both records - the first back-to-back record lows since August 1994.  The month's second noteworthy aspect was minimal rainfall.  With just 1.58", November was the driest month since March 2016, the driest November since 2001 and the fifth driest since 1970.  Nearly half of the month's rain fell on 11/7, when 0.70" was measured, mostly during the evening.  November's rainfall deficit was in contrast to a late October nor'easter that produced New York's greatest rainfall in more than three years (3.28" on 10/29-30).


Temperature-wise the month was 1.1 degrees below average, but it was the average low that made the month below average overall as it was 2.5 degrees below average while the high was close to average. The first and last six days were nearly five degrees milder than average while the period from Nov. 7 thru 24 was five degrees colder than average.  Only five days had highs of 60° or milder - the typical number is nine.  However, it was the chilliest November since 1959 to have two or more days with highs in the 70s.  (In recent history the fewest number of 60° highs was in 1962, when there was just one; the most is sixteen, in 2005, 1999 and 1979.)  Besides Nov. 10, 11 and 12, Thanksgiving Day (11/23) was the only other day during the month to have a low of 32° or colder.

  November 2017 Temperature Grid


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