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This month is almost a lock (As of 2/22) to be the 6th February since 1997 to average 40 degrees or higher. Before that, it only happened two two other times.

Also, there's a good shot that the warmest February will be broken for the 3rd time in 7 years (including last year).


the weather during the first half of last year was similar this year's first half. both years' first 60° day was on 1/12. both Februarys became the top two warmest ever, both had a 70° day (on nearly identical dates, 2/21 & 2/24), both had six 60°+ days and both had a dozen days with a reading of 32° or colder. both Marches had a dozen days of measurable precipitation and they were just 0.08" apart from their monthly total amount. they were also both colder and snowier than their respective Februarys. both years' first 80° day occurred just two days apart (4/11 & 4/13). last year featured one of the warmest Aprils on record followed by the chilliest May in several years and vice versa for this year. finally, both Junes were no more than six tenths of a degree from average (based on the monthly mean temperature).


this and 2006 are the only two years among the ten wettest not to have any months with 9+ inches of precipitation. the wettest month twelve years ago was June when 8.55" of rain fell and the wettest month this year was August when 8.59" of rain fell. since then, only six months have had 9+ inches and the most recent of them was in June of 2013 when 10.10 inches of rain fell.

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