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Ken K. in NJ

The NY Daily News Weather Almanac, published annually from the late 1950s thru 1971, always listed the April historical average Temperature as 50 degrees, based on official NYC readings. Clearly that average has crept up by a couple of degrees since then. Perhaps more than any other month.


Hi Ken,
It makes sense that it would have been reported as 50 degrees since half of the Aprils before 1970 were below and half above that reading. FYI, March and April are the two months that have warmed up the most compared to the pre-1930 era.


this month had fourteen days of measurable precipitation (and the third consecutive month with at least twelve such days), tying several other years as the third most on record for April and the most in April since 2004 when there were fifteen. however, this month had over an inch and a half more rain than April 2004.


despite this also being the eighth coldest April since 1940, my sister and I thank mother nature for providing us with excellent weather conditions on our birthdays. temperatures on both days were around 70° with little to no wind and mostly sunny to clear skies. I spent a portion of the day walking outside wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt.


this was the chilliest April to have the month's coldest reading be at 32° or warmer since 1961 (the average mean temp was 49.0°) when the coldest reading was 34°. by coincidence, the Aprils of 1961 and 2018 both had the same warmest reading of 82°.


this April joined 1988, 1940, 1929, 1919 and 1916 as the only six since 1900 with no highs that were warmer than 70° at any point during the final sixteen days of the month. there have been ten such April occurrences in the nineteenth century as well.

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