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out of all of the analyses I have read in this blog, I can definitely say this is the one where I can sense the most agitation from you. what I've always observed while watching the weather on t.v. is often times as severe thunderstorms approach the NYC area from the west, they tend to lose (a majority of) their potency since Manhattan is awfully close to the ocean, whereas in places farther inland, they maintain their potency. thunderstorms are more attracted to a warm and humid air mass compared to a cool, marine air mass (including times when there is an onshore wind). however, I'd be surprised myself if the NWS did not report a thunderstorm on May 15 of this year, especially since there were five fatalities associated with the inclement weather.


Hi William, you've missed the point of the post. My annoyance isn't because thunderstorms often lose their potency when they move over Manhattan, it's the fact that the NWS station in Central Park no longer reports the incidence of thunderstorms (clearly shown in the chart) - yet it's never pointed out this change in its reports. And since they keep the 'thunderstorm' column in the report and show '0s', it gives the impression that no thunderstorms have occurred.

Harry Mandel

Yet if you look at today's climate report from NWS, it says there was a Thunderstorm (or wouldn't it be really ironic if the "streak" was broken today)?



Yes, but although they report a storm when it happens they no longer take the extra step of putting it on a ledger where they tally the number and report it in each month's/year's Local Climatological Report. That's the missing "human augmentation" step. (However, this step apparently is still part of the process at NYC's airports.)

Ken K. in NJ

Totally fascinating! Thanks. That of course raises the further question, how come there were in fact a total of three thunderstorms posted in 2000 and 2003? Was there "human augmentation" on those three occasions...

Harry Mandel

I see, thanks!

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