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June 2018 Weather Recap for New York

Hello summer


Following an April that was significantly colder than average, by 3.6 degrees, and a May that was 4.5 degrees milder than average, June was "just right" as it was close to average, 0.2 degrees above average.  This was the closest to average for any month since June 2015 (0.2 below average).  However, despite the month being average overall, the first half was cooler (and drier) than average while the second half was warmer (five days had highs of 88° or hotter) and wetter (relative to the first half, since the amount that fell was average).  Here are a few other observations of interest: 


  • Father's Day had a high of 91°, which was 37 degrees hotter than Mother's Day (typical difference between the two holidays is thirteen degrees).  It joined Father's Day 2010 as having the greatest difference in high temperature from Mother's Day (going back to 1960).  Also, this was the first Father's Day with a high in the 90s in twelve years (and the seventh since 1960).
  • The hottest day of the first half of the year occurred on the last day of the period as the high reached 93° on 6/30. (The second half of the year began with a high of 96° on 7/1).
  • Rainfall was below average, 3.11" vs. a norm of 4.41".  Three-fourths of this amount fell in the last two weeks of the month.  And much of it, 1.36", fell on 6/28, highlighted by the downpour during the evening rush hour, which saw 0.93" pour down in about an hour.  This storm brought to mind the severe thunderstorm of 5/15 that snarled rush hour traffic.  However, despite producing less rain (0.58") it was characterized by destructive winds that killed five people who were struck by falling trees.
  • June was the closest to average a month has been since June 2015, which was 0.2 degrees below average.  Of the twelve months that have been 0.2 degrees or closer to average since 2000, five of them have been in June.


Chart - Months Closest to Average


June june




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this month's thirteen days of measurable precipitation brought the year's total, so far, to 78. only five other years (most recently in 2008) have had at least this many such days from January 1 to June 30. however, 2018, which had 25.60" in the first half, trails twenty-seven other years regarding the total amount of precipitation between Jan 1 to June 30.


1991, 1959, 1987 and 1965 are the only other years in which both May and June had five or more days with a high of 88° or hotter.

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