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Ken K. in NJ

Hi Rob. Always look forward to these monthly summaries, thanks! Surely the mild nights were due to the consistently high humidity, limiting radiational cooling. I know there are not comprehensive or accurate humidity records, but it would seem that September 2018 would be near the top of a list of highest September average nighttime humidity.

One question: Were we anywhere near a record for total precipitation in July, August, and September? I know the total was well over 20 inches.

Thanks again. --Ken


Hi Ken,

Unless there's rain during the daytime, a day's highest humidity levels are usually in the overnight hours so I don't know much a factor the humidity was to the month's warm lows. Instead, I think persistent cloud cover as well as the jet stream played a role.

Regarding rainfall during July-Aug-Sept, this year's amount (22.23") ranks fifth for those three months (and 28th for any three-month period). The wettest July-Sept was in 2011 when 31.37" fell; #2 was in 1975 (24.14"); #3 occurred in 1971 (23.93"); and fourth place is occupied by 1933 (22.66"). This year's July-Sept bested 2004's amount by 0.05".


this month saw the end of a fifty-seven day streak with a low temperature of 65° or warmer (7/13 to 9/7), second only to 2005's such streak of fifty-eight days. then, just two days later (on 9/9), the high was just 62°. the last time any of September's first ten days had a high this chilly was in 1963 when the high was 56° on 9/6. this was the fifth September in a row with no lows in the forties, tying 2001 to 2005 as the longest such September streak on record. this month's twelve days of measurable rain was the sixth time, in just this century alone, that September had at least ten such days, four of which have occurred from 2000 to 2006. this was also the tenth rainiest fall month (Sep-Nov) since 1996.


By my count we’re now up to 119 days with precipitation, 2 behind the record of 121 (set in 1950).

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