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Central Park's anemometer was broken during the final two and a half months of the year (and it would continue to be broken through at least part of January 2019). I don't get why so much time is needed for it to be repaired, nor can I ever remember a time where the NWS in New York has spent several weeks, if not months, issuing hourly weather observations with a malfunctioning anemometer. as a result, weather broadcasters have had to use the anemometer from one of the three major area airports (LGA has been the most frequent one) when they state what the current wind direction and speed is in NYC.


Embedded in the year's 158 days of measurable precipitation were five 6+ day streaks. this was the most of any year on record and one more than what 1989 experienced. The last one of them in 2018 occurred from 9/8 through 9/13.


one-third of the year's lows in the seventies occurred during the first two-thirds of August as the month's first eighteen days all had lows in the 70s (only in 1988 has this also happened). this tied 1995 and 1898 as the fourth lengthiest such streak on record and the lengthiest since June -July of 2013 when the streak was one day longer.


this was the fourth year of the past five with a "blizzard that fizzled". it was on March 7 this year, March 14 last year, January 26 & 27 in 2015, and on March 3 in 2014. I kind of feel like this is the new, yet annoying, normal now. I hope this doesn't turn into any kind of trend in the years ahead. no wonder why they say forecasting the weather is always difficult and/or wrong.

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