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Dalton L Higbee

It was hot as hell in early October. I'm ready for winter!!!!!!

Mark Chelchowski

I noticed that most of the snow in 2018-19 came "out-of-season" (December, January, & February). Did this past season have the highest amount of "out-of-season" snow or the highest percentage of "out-of-season" snow?


Hi Mark,

Yes, it was certainly a book-ended winter. It's tied for 18th place for most snow to fall outside of Dec-Feb. However, it ranked second for highest portion of a winter's snow to fall outside of meteorological winter, at 82% (16.8" of 20.5"). The winter of 1998 had the greatest portion of its snow to fall outside of MW, 91% (5.0" of 5.5"). The following link will take you to an analysis I did a number of years ago on this subject: https://thestarryeye.typepad.com/weather/2014/04/snowfall-during-meteorological-winter.html


125 days with measurable precipitation happened this year in the first ten months, the second most on record at this point in the year, trailing only 2018, which had 130 days of precip in the year through the end of October.


Despite how close they were, it should be noted that 2018 had about seven-and-half inches more precipitation than 2019 in the first ten months of the year.

Joaquin Hernandez

Hello! I’m very interested in NYC’s weather history! I really love how you post weather highlights every year! Will you post the weather for 2019’s NYC Marathon?

Mark Chelchowski

I noticed on December 19 that the high-low was 25/16. I am wondering if that is the coldest first day below freezing in NYC.


In December 2004 the first reading of 32 or colder during the winter of 2004-05 was 21 degrees, on 12/20.

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