Junes With No 90-Degree Days
Cooling Thunderstorms Prevented July 2019 From Ranking Among 10 Hottest Julys

Recap of June 2019's Weather in New York


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June 2019, like June 2018, was 0.2 degrees above average (this followed a May that was 0.2 degrees below average).  However, this June's average high was 0.6 degrees cooler than last June while its average low was 0.6 milder.  The first half of the month was 0.7 degrees cooler than average while the second half was 1.2 degrees warmer.  Similar to last June the warmest period came at the end of the month, with the four-day period between 6/26-29 six degrees above average (high/low of 89°/72°); this included the year's first high in the 90s (91° on 6/29, a month later than usual).  Although the month was average in the temperature department rainfall was an inch above average (5.46"), making this the rainiest June in six years.  The biggest daily rainfall was 0.86", which happened twice, on 6/2 and 6/25.  On both dates the rain poured down in less than an hour.  Here are a few other highlights:


  • Besides the year's first reading in the 90s being a month behind schedule, the year's first low in the 70s, on 6/25, was three weeks later than usual.  It was the first of five days in a row with a low in the 70s (6/30 looked to be the sixth but the temperature dropped to 69° as midnight approached).
  • Father's Day and Gay Pride Day both were seasonably warm (high/low of 80°/65° and 83°/69°) but Gay Pride Day had more sunshine.  Both days saw a shower, but the shower that fell on Gay Pride Day (0.06") was more disruptive because it fell mid-afternoon during the parade (the first rain to fall during the parade in eleven years) while the shower on Father's Day (0.04") was shortly before daybreak. 
  • May and June had 12.28" of rain, making this the 11th wettest May/June combo on record. The 10 years with more all occurred in the years since 1948.  (Greatest amounts were 19.03" in 1989, 18.10" in 2013 and 17.69" in 1972.)
  • 2019 became the 36th year (since 1869) to have one or fewer days in the 90s thru June 30.  (The average number is four).  And of the fifteen years (excluding this year) that had one day in the 90s during this period the total number of such days for the year averaged eleven (with 1955 and 2015 having the most, 25 and 20, respectively).
  • Although the coolest reading of the month, 54°, was on 6/2, the coolest day of the month based on mean temperature was on 6/13, with a high/low of 65°/55° (eleven degrees below average).  This was the coolest mean temperature in more than four weeks.


Here are recaps of the previous three Junes:






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only three years have had 81 or more days of rain/snow through June 30. 1972 and this year both had 81 days with measurable precipitation through 6/30. 1950 had 84 such days through 6/30. this was the seventeenth year overall (all of which have occurred since 1970) with 27.42" or more of precipitation through June 30.

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