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this month had fifteen days with measurable rain. this tied 1919 as the most in October on record. however, neither month is even close to being the wettest on record. October 1919 had roughly half as much rain as this month did (3.59").

Benny R.

It was also the tenth consecutive October in a row to be above normal temperature-wise, making all the 2010s Octobers to be above average in mean temperature. Talk about today's warming climate...


this was the fifth October of the decade with no readings <40°, the most of any decade. interestingly, the other four Octobers were followed by a cold and snowy winter. the 1990s had four Octobers with no lows colder than 40° ('94-'96 & '98).


this month had four days with lows under 50°, tying 1971 as the fewest on record in October. by comparison, the Octobers of 2015, 2016 and 2018 had 13, 13 and 17 such lows respectively.


October had a warmer reading than September this year (93 vs 89). is 1997 (83 in September vs 85 in October) the only other year in which this has happened or have there also been other years in which this has happened? what were the other years if there are any?


There have been a handful of other years: 1975, 1949, 1941, 1939, 1938, 1928 and 1883. 1941 was especially noteworthy because September's hottest reading was 93.

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