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Joaquin Hernandez

Do mild winters mean cooler summers?


to respond to the above question, the answer is not always. both 1998 and 2002 had very mild winters, fifth mildest and mildest respectively. however, 1998 had eight 90° days and 2002 had 32 ninety degree days. the winters of 1932 and 2012 (which also rank among the ten warmest of all time) had fifteen and nineteen 90° days respectively. so to say that mild winters always mean temperate or torrid summers will never be an accurate prediction.

Joaquin Hernandez

Wow! Thanks for the info! One more thing. This winter has been a mild one, right?


yes indeed. the winter of 2020's average mean temp through 2/8 is 39.2°, which currently ranks as the seventh warmest of all time, but with less than three weeks left in meteorological winter, there is plenty of time for the winter to end up ranking (decidedly) lower or higher than seventh warmest. we'll see what happens!


This April, we haven’t got a day in the 70s or 80s, has that happened before?


Since 1900 it's happened in just one year - 1940. However, in that year there were also no highs of 70+ in March while this year saw three.


January had a warmer reading than April this year (69° vs 68°). has January ever had a warmer reading than April before? If so, what was the year and warmest reading for the two months?


Has there ever been a march with a 70 degree day followed by an april that had no days


Although there haven't been any Marches with highs in the 70s followed by an April with no highs of 70+ (until 2020), in 1874 February (on 2/23) had a day with a high of 72. Then the next day of 70+ wouldn't be until 5/9.


Are you sure NYC hit 90 today? I looked up the temperature and the forecast was only 88.


Yes, the NWS reported the day's high was 90.

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